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Many people complain from a sore throat shortly after they start vaping e-liquids instead of smoking cigarettes.

But this isn’t necessarily a bad sign!

It could be your throat’s reaction to quitting smoking and becoming tender as it heals from all the tar and other carcinogenic chemicals that have been flowing down it for years.

But several other things may be causing your tender throat!


Why Does Vaping Hurt my Throat?


Smoking vape from e-liquids is not a great source of hydration, Of course, it involves liquids, but unfortunately, e-liquids will do nothing to keep you hydrated.

Most vape e-liquids will be comprised of Propylene Glycol (PG) or Vegetable Glycerin (VG). Both of these substances are considered safe and acceptable by the U.S Food and Drug Administration.

However, these substances have a tendency to attract moisture, which means that they can dry out your throat and make vaping hurt as a consequence.

PG and VG are used to give vape smokers the ‘hit’ feeling on the back of their throat that people associate with cigarettes.

To combat this, simply up your water intake before, during, and after you decide to vape.

 Throat Hits:

As mentioned above, PG is the ingredient in e-liquid that gives you a powerful, sharp hit on the back of your throat. This can leave your throat feeling hoarse, scratchy, and sore if you are not used to vaping regularly. In sporadic cases, you may be allergic to PG, so make sure you get this checked out if your sore throat doesn’t seem to go away.

To combat this, try to switch to an e-liquid that doesn’t contain any PG at all!


Nicotine Strength:

Despite the similarities between vaping and smoking, they have very different effects on the body. It can be hard to find a level of nicotine that satisfies your cravings and also resonates with your body.

If vaping is hurting your throat, you may want to look for a different e-liquid with a lower level of nicotine. 

You can definitely switch to our ‘Ambrosia’ selection of CBD e-Liquids.

These are perfect for smokers that are wanting to ‘Vape,’ but not to consume any more nicotine.

They are a fantastic stepping stone to people who have quit cigarettes and now want to quit nicotine altogether. Available in three delicious flavors, and with all the benefits of CBD, these are an excellent product for those that want to cleanse their bodies of nicotine addiction.


cbd eliquid without nicotine

Vaping Style:

As with cigarettes, long, slow drags will kill off your throat pretty quickly. The same can be said when vaping. Try to take short puffs that last about two seconds and inhale the vapor nice and gently to avoid irritating the back of your throat.


Vaping Frequency:

Everything in moderation! Although vaping can be a pleasurable experience, it’s not worth destroying your throat by constantly puffing away. If vaping is hurting your throat, then slow down on the vaping. Try to vape less frequently and for less time. Believe us; your throat will thank you for it.

If you have a sore throat from vaping, or your throat hurts after vaping e-liquid with nicotine in, try switching to our CBD enriched, nicotine-free products.

Nicotine is a poison, our bodies don't need or want it flowing through our veins. Sadly, the tobacco industry has done a pretty good job of convincing people otherwise. From product placement of cigarettes in movies, through to stylish packaging and flavored tobacco.

But don’t be fooled. Join us here at Enecta and start vaping CBD e-Liquids, become part of the CBD revolution!

Photo Credits: https://vaping360.com/