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The bests ways to use CBD

Geschrieben von Enecta Editorial Staff am 29.01.2019

The bests ways to use CBD

Today on the market, we have the possibility to obtain CBD in various forms: oils extracted from the hemp plant and crystals for vaporizing.

Which are the best ways to take Cannabidiol? There is no single reply to this. Cannabidiol, CBD, one of the active principles of the hemp plant, is used  in very different forms and with very different purposes.

Do you know CBD?

CBD is one of the at least 85 active principles, known as cannabinoids, present in Cannabis. With respect to THC, CBD does not have psychotropic effects and does not alter the psychophysical state.  

CBD is a compound of Cannabis sativa. In the past few years the scientific community has demonstrated a growing interest in this active principle and its use, especially due to its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory,  analgesic and neuroprotectant properties. One of the fields in which CBD is appreciated most is that of remedies reducing anxiety and stress.

Even more recently, it was possible to assist a true boom of CBD in accompanying cosmetic products; yet another demonstration of  its versatility of use.

CBD, but how to take it? Crystals, oil and capsules.

CBD oil is used by a large number of consumers. Usually it is taken by putting some drops under the tongue, or as an ingredient added to culinary recipes or drinks.

Due to the great number of areas of use (for soothing pain or reducing stress) Enecta presents a range of oils with three different CBD gradations - 3, 10 and 24% - capable of satisfying any need the consumer may have.

CBD crystals are extracted from Cannabis sativa plants and are purified until, in Enecta’s case, 99% pure CBD is obtained,  to which 1% of natural plant terpenes are added.

Usually, crystals are consumed through a vaporizer, set at a temperature between 160° and 190°C. Furthermore, also CBD crystals can become an integral part of a simple recipe, like an oven baked cake.

CBD capsules, instead, represent one of the most “practical” ways of consuming cannabidiol.

The reasons are how easy it is to take them and how secure we are of knowing exactly how much CBD we are swallowing.  The CBD capsules produced by Enecta are available in bottles of capsules which contain 33,6 milligrams of CBD each.