Sustainability and wellness go together

 When people talk about ‘sustainability’, they usually make it sound like something we should do for altruistic reasons, but in truth, we should aim for sustainable living for the sake of our own health and wellness. The earth doesn’t need ‘saving’. It will be here long after we, as a species have perished. It’s us that need to rescue ourselves from the consequences of our unsustainable practices.


Our vision for a sustainable business

 At Enecta, our goal is to show the world that we don’t need to continue poisoning ourselves and our environment in order to survive. If everyone practiced sustainable living, poverty and hunger would be eliminated. Our company is proving that 100% sustainable practices work and we want you to join us in our quest to make the world a better place.


In producing our medicinal cannabinoids, we will not pollute or cause any harm to the environment. The plants from which our medicines are derived will be grown using organic principles and our extraction process will be achieved through using CO2 extracted from the atmosphere. No chemicals or solvents will be used in our production process. Your health and the health of our environment are our first priority.


We will even produce our own packaging by using the fibres from our hemp plants so that we don’t have to use paper that is produced using polluting industrial processes or worse still, plastics. Even the dyes and inks we use will be produced from natural ingredients.


We will use hemp seed oil to run our tractors and use solar energy as a sustainable source of electricity. We envisage new uses for hemp beyond the production of fabrics. What if we could produce furniture that’s made from hemp, even houses constructed using tough hemp as a construction material? The possibilities hidden within this miraculous plant are endless.


Our vision for sustainable communities

Our vision includes the establishment of a village that’s 100% sustainable and independent – a place where organic food is grown and everything we need is produced in the village. We’ll go further than just being ‘organic’ – real permaculture principles will be implemented to ensure maximum sustainability.


All our profits are being poured into realizing this vision, and real results can be seen already. Follow our blog and watch our progress.


We also want to create a facility where people can come and learn about the lifestyle changes that will allow them to live naturally and bring their bodies into a state of healing equilibrium that allows for maximum wellness. We believe that this is the way to find true healing from any disease.


As for the profits we will generate, these will be applied to help children and the poor. We will build houses from hemp where needy families can live without having to pay any rental – and we’ll provide work for them on our project growing food and building even more houses.


We hope to found an orphanage where children will receive a decent education and proper care while learning how to live a sustainable lifestyle.


We will establish the world’s first cannabis university – a place where we will share our knowledge with everyone.


We want to ensure that people are given access to cannabinoids that will help their bodies to achieve a natural balance – but cannabinoids aren’t the ‘silver bullet’ on their own. Lifestyle changes are necessary in order to achieve complete health and wellness. Diseases are caused by our toxic environment and lifestyles. Just taking a medicine can’t cure that.


How do you change your life style?

  • Stop eating anything that is not organic and natural.
  • Stop using chemically based personal care products such as shampoos, creams, deodorants, etc.

Does that sound strange? Here are some examples:


  • do not use toothpaste with fluoride
  • do not use perfume on your skin
  • do not wash your clothes with chemicals
  • do not wear clothes made from fabrics containing chemicals
  • do not eat sugar or any synthetic sugar substitute


We encourage all people, whether or not the toxic lifestyle has affected their health to:


  • Start eating an organic raw food diet
  • Consume healthful hemp seed oil and vitamin-rich foods
  • Eat sparingly and exercise sufficiently
  • Practice yoga and meditation daily
  • Avoid fried foods.