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How to find Quality CBD? Often customers surfing the Web, are not able to select a product in a clear and conscious way, due to the enormous amount of information available.

We from Enecta will try to list, in five simple steps, which elements to take into consideration to find  premium quality CBD



Have you ever asked yourself where the CBD you’re about to buy comes from? In which part of the world the Hemp plants from which it is extracted is cultivated? Companies stating the origin, the place of creation of the products and follow the entire production chain are more reliable.  

Enecta follows the entire production process, from cultivation of Cannabis Sativa to extraction of Cannabidiol and up to manufacturing of the finished products ending on the market.


Communication Company/Customer

Companies making available to their users/consumers one or more communication channels able to reply to each and every doubt or concern they might have regarding the products in real time.


how you can recognize CBD in premium quality


Company reliability

There’s much talking about CBD, how do I recognize a reliable and professional Company? One element to take into consideration is surely “time”; how long has the company been on the market and been working in the Cannabis sector.


Cost of the product

Does the price make the difference? Not always! As we have often reported, it should not be the only element to consider when buying a product.

Compare the prices of similar products made by different companies; not always an advantageous price is synonym of a good deal!


Therapeutic CBD

Giving information about CBD and Cannabis is very important! Existing scientific literature affirms how CBD oil and Cannabis can generally have many beneficial and very important effects, however describing them as a panacea would be wrong and misleading for the readers who decide to start using the product.  

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