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Relaxing at the end of the day is a Right! Living our days with a foot continuously on the throttle allows us to carry out our commitments, but at the same nervous energies are consumed and we are not able to relax when we’ve got time to unwind. In many cases instead of releasing stress, our evenings are full of additional engagements!
In the present article we will supply you of some practical tips on how to release stress, obviously availing yourselves of a precious ally, CBD (Cannabidiol)! 
1 – When you return from work, after dinner or in any specific moment of the day, lower the ringtone of your cell phone, create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere with relaxing background music.  

This is where CBD comes in; our suggestion is to use 99ONE Crystals, 99% pure CBD Crystals!
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How to consume them? 

Using a  Vaporizer! In this way, you will obtain the highest performance from your Crystals.  Beware of the temperatures, it is important to vaporize Crystals between 160° and 180°C to avoid the risk of burning them or to not vaporize them enough.

A quantity as big as a grain of rice is enough to obtain a good result. With a good result we mean that you vape more and obtain perfect performance, hence major relaxation! Keep technology away!

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2 – Dedicate 30 minutes of your day to a walk in the open air!
Often we say to ourselves we don’t have time to dedicate to Sport, leaving space to sedentariness!

For a 30-minute walk we do not need specific tech apparel. Walking is very useful, it helps to reduce stress and to unplug the mind from our daily routine.

Relax with Premium Hemp Extract in combination with constant physical activity



PremiumHempExtract 10% in combination with constant physical activity - a half hour walk is enough - helps us to relax and to recuperate an adequate psycho-physical state.

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3 – Take a shower! Alternate warm and cold water, thanks to this thermal stimulus our blood vessels dilate during the warm water jet, promoting drainage and elimination of toxins.

You could use a base oil (like almond oil) with some drops of your favourite essential oil to massage your skin, and in any case, we advise you to try Ambrosia at the end of your shower!
For Vape lovers, Ambrosia is an e-liquid without nicotine in three different CBD concentrations. 

Is there a “best way” to consume CBD? We can state that there isn’t one way better than others; it much depends on our subjectivity, on our needs and on the period of time we have been in contact with the world of CBD. Which way do you prefer? 


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Practical tips on how to release stress with CBD products - receive a discount