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To be held in Abruzzo, 8 and 9 September this year, the first Enecta Bike Tour! Two days of biking in Italy, through the most breathtaking and unique landscapes of the Green Region of Europe.

We will depart from Castelvecchio Subequo, Aquila province, and we will head for Santo Stefano di Sessanio, where we will pass the night. The following day we will return to Castelvecchio along an alternative route.

What has Cannabis got to do with it?

Enecta is an Italian – Dutch company, which has already been working for many years in the sector of Cannabis and its extracts and operates on the European market, but not only!

And it’s in the above corner of Abruzzo where Enecta is developing a part of its project; and the Enecta Bike Tour was created with the objective to promote the territory, to give information about the world of Cannabis and obviously to share our passion for biking.

The Bike Tour  

The Enecta Bike Tour is created for those who love cycling, nature and the mountains in all its forms.

During the two day tour we will be able to appreciate the typical products, culinary specialties and wines of the territory. Each morning we will have the possibility to appreciate a traditional local breakfast!

We will cross the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park (http://www.gransassolagapark.it/), where we can find a third of the Italian floral heritage!

The Second day, with Santo Stefano di Sessanio as a starting point, we will return to Castelvecchio along an alternative route during which we will visit Hemp fields and will learn more about the evolution taking place in the World of Cannabis.

We will cycle through the timeless wonder of  the “Little Tibet of Abruzzo”, Campo Imperatore (an alpine meadow), where on May13 this year, the ninth stage of the Giro d’Italia 2018 ended. (http://www.ilgransasso.it/)



The first Stage will be 80 km and we will reach maximum height of 1428 metres, while the second day we will cycle for 92 km and the peak height will be 1769 metres.
It is not a competition, but a caravan of cyclists who will cycle together in green Abruzzo.

The two day tour will conclude with a banquet, to relax and relive the moments we shared together during the first Enecta Bike Tour, which promises to be full of surprises!
Would you like to know more about it? Don’t hesitate to contact us, on our Facebook page ‘Enecta Bike Tour’ or write an e-mail to giuseppe@enecta.it and we will reply to any question you might have.