What are Flavonoids?

What are Flavonoids?

What are Flavonoids? Where can we find them? And Why are They so Good for us?

Flavonoids are part of a diverse group of phytonutrients that can be found in nearly all fruits and vegetables.

Alongside carotenoids, they give fruit and vegetables their vivid color range. Flavonoids are the biggest group of phytonutrients, with over 6,000 types.

More importantly, they are super good for us and can be found in both Hemp and CBD products.

Diets that contain many flavonoid-containing foods and supplements are often associated with cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative, and cancer prevention.

That said, it’s not 100% clear yet whether the flavonoids are solely responsible.

Aside from CBD products and Hemp, onions, kale, grapes, citrus fruits, parsley, and Brussels sprouts are all-natural foods that are rich in flavonoids.

As an archaic, ancient plant with many uses, Hemp hosts a bunch of flavonoids. The most prominent are luteolin, quercetin, and kaempferol, Hemp also contains an entire group of flavonoids unique to marijuana; these are called cannaflavines.

The health benefits of Flavonoids 

One of the essential health benefits of flavonoids is their antioxidant properties.

Aside from these, many flavone compounds offer significant anti-inflammatory, diastolic, and antifungal effects.

The high content of flavonoids in many herbs can be attributed to their popularity throughout the world of traditional medicine.

Also, the widespread belief that red wine is beneficial to the heart and the skin is directly linked to the large number of flavonoids on both grapevines and skins.

Plants and their various preparations that are rich in flavonoids are used to support the treatment of subcutaneous hemorrhage and hemorrhoids.

They help to strengthen the immune system and also support the absorption of vitamins. For instance, they prevent the oxidation of Vitamin C, thus increasing its effectiveness.

Flavonoids also protect against thrombosis, which is the leading cause of strokes. The role of flavonoids in decreasing the risk of breast, colon, and lung cancer are currently being discussed in the medical world.


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Flavonoids in Hemp and CBD Products:

Flavonoids assist in the ‘entourage effect’ of CBD oils as they help people with a list of ailments. They help the full profile of a cannabis plant take effect on the body when taken in supplements such as edibles, oils, capsules, and tinctures.

In the case of dietary supplements, such as CBD oils, the convergence of flavonoids in the extract, alongside the full profile of the plant, the inclusion of accompanying substances that occur naturally in the plant, and not just cannabinoids, is crucial.

This is because the terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids in the hemp and marijuana plant call work in synergy within the human body to help it heal, relax, and repair. The flavonoids and terpenes will enhance and encourage the effects of cannabinoids.

The ‘Full-Spectrum’ relates to the deliberate inclusion of natural flavonoids and terpenes that are produced in the hemp plant. The synergy and convergence of these ingredients work together to create a phenomenon knows as the ‘Entourage-Effect.’

Although these healthy and unique properties of cannabis’ cannaflavins are just being discovered, the properties of ordinary flavonoids are well documented and extremely valuable on their own

These are some of the treasures of the traditional pharmacopeia, known to ancient herbalists for centuries – and this is the best recommendation possible. 

Inconspicuous flavonoids are a fantastic natural complement to the properties of important cannabinoids – think about it the next time you contemplate the intense green color of the cannabis plant.


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