CBD is able to intervene in the muscular system

CBD and sport: when to take Cannabidiol?

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Enecta has dedicated a wide in-depth study to the topic of “CBD and Sport”. Cannabidiol is a reality in the Sports world. In the United States it’s used by the MMA  fighters, who utilise its anti-inflammatory properties; famous Nate Diaz, presenting himself at press conferences vaping CBD.

In the NFL it is also used and in general one can witness an opening towards the use of therapeutic cannabis in the world of sports. The NBA is assessing how to open the world of basketball to this new treatment hypothesis for athletes.

We from Enecta have underlined how close the combination of Sport and CBD is, developing communication and marketing projects, through collaborations with athletes of CrossFit  and Spartan Race, reporting their daily experiences and how CBD has been of support for them.

From January 1st, CBD isn’t doping anymore

A decision sustained by the scientific world, confirming the beneficial effects of CBD, above all in case of injury and after sports activities of high physical impact.

Sports considered with a high stress level for our organism are ultramarathons, contact sports like boxing or American football

CBD Oil and sport

Hemp oil, with respect to whichever other natural food, has got the highest supply of essential fatty acids (EFA).

Our organism is not able to produce them and thus the only way to consume them is through food. In the therapeutic field these fatty acids facilitate the recovery of metabolic parameters like blood pressure, cholesterolaemia, triglyceridemia.

They contribute to the protection from atherosclerosis,  thrombosis and embolisms.
CBD on the other hand is a Nootropic, what does this mean? It supports the cognitive function and hence the recovery in terms of attention and concentration. Consuming CBD daily during a sports activity, could help in terms of lucidity and attention.

CBD and its Detox function

Practicing sports with constancy is certainly an excellent way to recover balance and detoxify from stress toxins and not only.

Those who practice high intensity sports, like swimming, running, cycling, boxing, could benefit from the intake of cannabidiol in the after training recovery phase.   

For the more sedentary, also a brisk walk or a yoga session can certainly prove effective.

CBD in combination with sports activities helps to achieve our goals, as Cannabidiol acts on the cannabinoid receptors contributing to the detoxifying process.

Besides CBD we could also consume Hemp seeds during our daily diet, containing Cysteine and Methionine, which stimulate the liver to remove the toxins present in our body.

Consuming CBD daily during a sports activity has positive effects

CBD and quality of sleep

Whether you are an athlete or not the quality of sleep is very important for a good sporting performance or to carry out your professional objectives.   

CBD could be just what you need! Citing a preclinical study conducted in Great Britain at the Porton Down Science Park, hypothesis arose on how CBD could affect sleep.

The first element highlighted by the researchers regards how CBD can improve the quality of sleep, intended as a side effect of an already existing problem.

According to a research conducted at the National Taiwan University di Taipei  CBD would affect the night cycle, preventing the suppression of REM sleep, elicited by anxiety.

Sleeping well also means paying attention to small but important details. For example sleeping in a quite environment without being disturbed by electronic devices, like a smartphone. Not consuming alcohol, coffee and cigarettes excessively.   

CBD and physical recovery

CBD is able to intervene on the muscular system, reducing inflammations and pain and this makes it clear how important its use can be in sports activities.

Taken at the end of a tough workout, Cannabidiol can contribute in muscular recovery, while relieving pain.

Avery Collins, winner of five ultramarathons, in an interview with The Guardian has told how he uses Cannabis and its extracts as an element to be integrated in sports activities.

Collins specifies, however, that he doesn’t smoke Cannabis, but that he uses it in the products one can find on the market, like for example creams or oils.  

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