CBD for animals

CBD oil and other cannabis products with a high CBD content have become the talk of the town and are used by many people to fend off various ailments.

What many people do not know yet: animals can also enjoy the beneficial properties of CBD. In this guide on CBD oil for animals, you'll learn everything you need to know to support animals such as dogs, cats, and horses using CBD.

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Premium Hemp Oil for Pets

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Premium Hemp Oil for Pets

Premium Hemp Oil for Pets

Rich in Omega 3, Omega 6 and Vitamin E

Table of contents

What is CBD for animals?

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a natural plant compound extracted from cannabis sativa. Due to its versatility, it is increasingly used as a natural alternative to boost the well-being of pets.

Cannabidiol can be beneficial for both the body and the mind of almost all mammals. In addition, it is almost free of side effects, does not cause any dependence, and is not intoxicating.

There are plenty of CBD products for animals on the market, including oils, treats, capsules, and ointments.

CBD oils are particularly popular. They are easy to administer, practical to dose, and also have optimal bioavailability.

Whether your pet is struggling with travel anxiety, inflammation, or age-related arthritis, CBD can significantly improve the quality of its life.

Effect of CBD for animals

The effect of CBD on animals - as it happens with humans - results from the interaction of this hemp molecule with the endocannabinoid system. So in principle, any animal with such a system can enjoy the beneficial effect of CBD.

Science currently assumes that all vertebrates have an endocannabinoid system. Research on the exact effects on individual animal species is still lacking.

However, users and initial studies indicate that hemp oil has a lasting effect on the following animals: dogs, cats, horses, small animals, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and rats, fishes, and birds.

More in-depth studies are required, but it is becoming clear that CBD can positively influence many processes in your pet's body. CBD oil for animals works through its interaction with the body's endocannabinoid system (ECS), a part of the nervous system. It allows the body to utilise endogenous cannabinoids as well as interact with herbal cannabinoids such as CBD, CBG, and others.

If you have any doubts, we always recommend consulting a veterinarian for information before administering CBD to your pet.

Uses of CBD for animals

Studies and testimonials show that CBD has the following effects on animals: CBD

  • help relieve pain
  • relax, relieve cramps and reduce stress
  • increase mobility
  • keep anxiety at bay
  • support a healthy digestive system and relieve nausea
  • strengthen the immune system and protect the nervous tissue
  • be used against acute inflammations
  • support a healthy skin and strengthen the coat

CBD affects your animals in an individual way that depends on several factors.

Here are the most relevant:

  • animal species,
  • breed,
  • weight,
  • state of health,
  • habits
  • and individual metabolism.

CBD interacts with the CB-1 and CB-2 receptors. CB-1 receptors are located in the brain, while CB-2 receptors are distributed throughout the body. CBD seems to have a high affinity to CB-2 receptors, which trigger anti-inflammatory effects.

Benefits of CBD for animals

With all the benefits CBD for animals offers, it is easy to lose track of them all. We have, therefore, summarized them for you:

  • CBD is considered safe and well tolerated.

  • It is exceptionally versatile and can support your pet's reaction to a wide range of
    ailments as well as increase general well-being.

  • It is only rarely accompanied by side effects.

  • It does not create dependence and the intake can therefore be interrupted at any moment.

  • It is available without a prescription

  • It can be administered effortlessly

  • It is available in different forms, and can, therefore, be adapted to individual needs.

  • It is usually a pure and natural product

  • Especially in the form of oils, it has an extremely high bioavailability

How to administer CBD for animals

Animals usually take CBD as snacks, capsules, or oils, with the latter being particularly popular.

They allow precise dosing, contain only natural ingredients, and the body absorbs them very quickly. Finally, they can also be applied directly to the skin.

CBD for animals dosage

It is difficult to give concrete recommendations on how high or low CBD doses should be. It depends on what kind of animal you're administering it to, how big and heavy it is, and what symptoms you intend to alleviate.

As a thumb rule, we recommend approaching the optimal dosage slowly. Sometimes less is more. One to two drops of high-quality CBD oil are enough for a start.

Observe your pet's reaction closely and adjust the dosage if necessary. Animals usually need less CBD than humans. Products containing CBD are no substitute for a healthy, balanced diet. Always pay attention to the CBD content (usually 5% or 10%).

Side effects of CBD for animals

At enecta, we prioritize honesty. That is why we speak openly about possible CBD side effects on animals. Most animals react very well to our CBD oil and do not experience side effects. These occur only in rare cases and are not life-threatening. Since your pet
cannot talk to you, you need to keep a close eye on its behaviour after the intake of CBD.

Signs that CBD oil causes side effects or is not well tolerated can be:

  • noticeable change in behaviour
  • reduced activity (less vital) and sleepiness
  • Gastrointestinal problems including diarrhoea and vomiting
  • Changed appetite

If you feel that the CBD is not acting as desired we recommend reducing the dose. In case of intolerance, it is necessary to stop using CBD oil for your pet.

What to look for when buying CBD for animals?

CBD is not toxic to animals per se. CBD oil can be dangerous only if it lacks quality. It is crucial to purchase a product specifically designed for animals. CBD oil for animals has a different composition than conventional CBD products. Instead of hemp oil, it often contains olive oil.

In addition, CBD oil for animals does not contain THC and terpenes. CBD products containing THC are completely unsuitable for animals. Most of them assimilate THC
very slowly, and the psychoactive cannabinoid triggers a high similar to that experienced by humans. Your animal may find it extremely unpleasant and experience a long-lasting "horror trip".

Also, you should refrain from administering CBD to animals if they are pregnant. This is purely a precautionary measure, as there aren't enough studies on the effects of CBD during pregnancy.

What is CBD for animals made from?

At enecta, we rely exclusively on the power of nature. Cannabidiol (CBD), vitamin E, omega-3, omega-6 fatty acids, and olive oil are the ingredients contained in our premium CBD oil for animals. Thanks to its high quality and exclusively organic ingredients, this CBD oil helps your pet to stay healthy.

CBD supports healthy skin and strengthens the coat, is said to support the cardiovascular system and the immune system, relieve anxiety, promote relaxation, and even help manage pain. There are hardly any limits to the benefits of CBD on animals. What is good for humans is also a blessing for your beloved four-legged friend!

How to determine the quality of CBD for animals

If you only want the best for your fluffy friend, you should ask yourself the following questions when purchasing CBD products for animals:

  • Is the CBD extracted from organic hemp?
  • Are the products subject to independent quality controls?
  • Do they contain only natural ingredients?
  • Is the THC content virtually zero?
  • Is it recommended by users?

With our premium CBD oil for animals, you play it safe. We produce it using hemp plants grown without chemical additives, fertilisers, and pesticides. In addition, we rely on independent third-party labs to eliminate any doubts about purity and THC content.

What is CBD for animals made from?

To produce our premium CBD oil for animals, we proceed as follows:

  1. It all starts with sowing the seeds of our hemp plants under optimal climatic conditions. In the first 6-8 weeks, the plants develop their leaves and stem and gather the necessary nutrients to move on to the blooming phase.

  2. The blooming phase lasts up to 12 weeks. During this period, cannabis plants produce all their cannabinoids, including the valuable CBD.

  3. After harvesting, the buds and leaves go through a gentle drying process, which ensures optimal extraction.

  4. The CBD is extracted and refined to the desired purity level.

  5. Finally, we dilute it in our hemp seed oil and add some olive oil to make sure the pets enjoy it.

CBD for animals testimonials and studies

Studies on hemp oil for animals are rare and representative to a limited extent. The research is still in its infancy, and we are just beginning to discover the potential of cannabidiol when it comes to the well-being of animals.

Two studies are worth noting:

In 2019, Kelly A. Deabold investigated how the body of animals absorbs CBD and came to the conclusion that CBD is generally not dangerous to animals, noting that dogs and cats absorb CBD at different rates.

A study involving 30 dogs published in the Canadian Journal of Veterinary Research showed that CBD oil for animals is best absorbed by the body when taken orally. This means you should mix it with your pet's food or drip it directly into its mouth to achieve the best possible effect.

The scientific interest in CBD oil for animals is constantly increasing, and long-term studies will provide new, valuable insights.

Let us now turn to the testimonials.

The majority of users are happy with CBD oil for animals. In some cases, disorders that had baffled classical veterinary medicine could be relieved. For example, users report that persistent restlessness could be relieved with hemp oil containing CBD. It is becoming increasingly clear that CBD can be a real alternative to manage certain disorders.

However, CBD always works in an individual manner. In order to judge its effectiveness, you have to test it yourself. But as far as we know, hemp oil for animals is highly beneficial to our four-legged friends!

Legal situation on CBD for animals

By the way, you do not run any legal risk when you buy CBD oil for animals. Since 2020/2021, it is beyond doubt that CBD oil can be sold legally in Germany. You do not need a prescription, as is the case when you want to buy cannabis containing THC.

Thus, hemp oil for animals, which is now offered by various manufacturers, is freely available in Germany.

Questions and answers about CBD oil for animals

In this section, we will address the most common questions regarding CBD oil for animals.

The decisive factor when buying CBD oil for your pet is quality. Make sure to purchase
organic CBD oil that is free of harmful substances or chemical additives.

It should also contain no or very little THC. Quality can only be guaranteed through constant testing. The taste is also important, as this determines whether your pet enjoys the oil.

At enecta,
for example, we use olive oil to ensure a particularly mild taste.

THC, unlike CBD, is not suitable for animals. This is mainly because THC is psychoactive and gets animals high, which can be frightening for them. To make matters worse, many animals are unable to metabolise THC, or can do so only very poorly.

As a result, its effect lasts for a long time, increasing the negative consequences. Therefore, it is essential to choose a CBD oil for animals that does not contain THC.

In principle, all vertebrates can benefit from the properties of CBD. However, its effect has mainly been studied in relation to dogs, cats, and horses.

CBD cannot cause permanent damage. Side effects are rare but can occur. Most of the time, you become aware of them because your pet is less active in everyday life. This is not desirable, and you should reduce the dosage. In a few exceptional cases, your pet may not tolerate the oil and vomit.

This is a sign that the dosage should either be significantly reduced or that CBD oil is not the right remedy. In most cases, however, your pet will only enjoy the positive effects of CBD.

CBD for animals comes in various forms, including:

  1. CBD oil: CBD oil is the most common CBD product for animals. It is usually contained in bottles with droppers that allow you to administer it effortlessly.

  2. CBD treats: CBD treats are another popular form of CBD for animals. They are available in different flavours and dosages. However, they have a low bioavailability compared to oil or capsules.

  3. CBD capsules: CBD capsules have the advantage of being pre-dosed. So you know exactly how much CBD your pet will receive. The disadvantage: They are much less flexible than CBD oil when it comes to dosage.

  4. Products for topical application: CBD products such as ointments, sprays, and lotions can be used to protect skin, fur, and paws.

No, because it is not extracted from hemp and not from cannabis. Consequently, it does not have intoxicating effects on animals.