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CBD oil is the most common way to consume CBD. At enecta you get a first-class premium full-spectrum CBD oil at a fair price. Increase your quality of life as well as your general well-being now with CBD oil and the other CBD products from enecta.

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Full Spectrum CBD Oil 15% - 10 ml

Full Spectrum CBD Oil 15% - 10 ml

Full-spectrum CBD oil with terpenes.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil 5% - 10 ml

Full Spectrum CBD Oil 5% - 10 ml

Full-spectrum CBD oil with terpenes.

Full spectrum CBD oil 30 % - 10 ml

Full spectrum CBD oil 30 % - 10 ml

CBD 30% full-spectrum CBD oil with terpenes

Table of contents

What is CBD Full Spectrum Oil?

A normal CBD oil is called an "isolate" and contains only cannabidiol. A full-spectrum CBD oil, on the other hand, contains other cannabinoids from the hemp plant (such as CBG, CBN, and CBDa) as well as various terpenes. Full-spectrum products use all of the hemp plant’s natural power because their composition largely corresponds to that of a hemp plant.

Full Spectrum CBD oil offers natural hemp in the form of CBD drops. Such CBD products are enormously popular because they are natural and organic. Also, initial scientific findings show that the different ingredients reinforce each other. This is called the entourage effect and makes CBD full spectrum oil a particularly popular product. Most users find the effect to be even stronger or more effective.

Effect of CBD Full Spectrum Oil

CBD is a natural product from the cannabis plant. Hemp, cannabis, and marijuana belong to the family Cannabaceae. Their effect has been known for hundreds of years and is used in different areas.

Whether we talk about oil, capsules, or cosmetics, modern technology makes it possible to extract chemical molecules and compounds from the hemp plant. These are
called phytocannabinoids, - of which over 100 have already been discovered. The by far best-known phytocannabinoids are THC and CBD.

The biggest difference between THC and CBD? Cannabidiol has no psychoactive effect and is completely legal in the form of capsules, creams, or oil. The positive properties of CBD are now scientifically proven.

In addition, new areas of application for cannabidiol are being discovered all the time. For example, researchers found that CBD has an almost identical beneficial effect on dogs and cats.

Uses of CBD full spectrum oil

Humans and animals have an endocannabinoid system. These cannabinoid receptors are distributed throughout the human body.

Researchers distinguish between:

  • CB1 receptors, mainly found in the brain and central nervous system.

  • CB2 receptors that are distributed throughout the body. If the nervous system becomes unbalanced, the body experiences numerous negative effects. With the help of CBD products, you have the option to actively influence the cannabinoid balance. The natural cannabinoids come from the hemp plant and interact with
    the aforementioned receptors in the body. Cannabinoids are messenger substances that exchange information with the body and cause a reaction.

CBD full spectrum oil is, therefore, suitable for a wide range of applications and can, among other things:

  • Relieve pain of any kind
  • Lighten the mood
  • Counteract stress
  • Promote healthy sleep
  • Fight free radicals

Benefits of CBD Full Spectrum Oil

Unlike a CBD isolate, a full spectrum CBD oil contains all the primary and secondary components of the hemp plant.

The ingredients of natural cannabis include:

  • Cannabinoids
  • Terpenes
  • Carotenoids
  • Chlorophyll
  • Vitamins
  • Trace elements

The terpenes are mainly responsible for the typical smell and taste of the hemp plant. They have a strong influence on the body's endocannabinoid system and can ensure that users get by with a lower dosage. This is important because the desired effect of CBD is stronger with a full-spectrum product.

In addition, full-spectrum products also contain the precursors of CBD. More and more users are relying on this and are enthusiastic about it.

The reasons for this are obvious:

  • Usually 100% natural product
  • Numerous valuable ingredients (e.g. vitamins and trace elements)
  • No artificial additives
  • Many positive effects on the human body
  • Lower risk of side effects
  • Better bioavailability of the cannabinoids

Natural ingredients ensure that the full-spectrum CBD oil is a little more concentrated. This means: more active ingredients in a defined amount of hemp oil!

How to take CBD Full Spectrum Oil

Theoretical knowledge is one thing and practical implementation is another. It is important that you know how to make good use of the effect of CBD oil. In this section, you will learn how to ideally take CBD drops. To achieve the best effect, we recommend the oral administration of CBD drops.

If you want to take CBD, you should follow the steps below:

  • It is best to stand in front of a mirror. This makes it easier to see the amount of CBD drops that have already landed in your mouth.
  • For dosing, you should use the dropper provided. Lean your head back slightly, open your mouth, and place the dropper under your lifted tongue.
  • Apply light pressure to the cap of the pipette. The CBD hemp oil should come out drop by drop.
  • Once the desired number of CBD drops has landed in your mouth, you can place the dropper back on the bottle.
  • Keep the CBD oil in your mouth for at least 60 seconds.
  • After that, you can swallow it. The rest of the cannabinoids are taken care of by the gastrointestinal tract.

CBD Full Spectrum Oil dosage

With a full-spectrum CBD oil, there is no general dosage recommendation that works for everyone. Tolerance to CBD is different for each individual. Even the rate and speed of absorption are different for each person.

Therefore, we recommend approaching the dosage with caution. Too little CBD has never done anyone any harm. It is always easier to increase the dosage afterward than to be surprised by the effect right at the beginning.

The following factors are crucial for the body's reaction to full spectrum CBD oil:

Body weight: The more you weigh, the more CBD you can take.

Body chemistry: You will find out over time how your body reacts to CBD and how quickly it breaks down this active ingredient.

Need: Depending on the complaints and symptoms, the optimal CBD concentration changes.

Age and body size: Young people usually tolerate CBD better and metabolise it much faster.

CBD dosage - guideline values

All of the above factors influence the dosage of CBD drops. As you can easily see, every user must learn the optimal dosage by trial and error. We have compiled the following guidelines to make it easier for you to get started. Of course, you can deviate from this if, for example, a lower dosage is already effective for you.

  Normal CBD oil dosage High CBD oil dosage Extremely high CBD oil dosage
CBD in mg 1 - 20 mg per day 21 - 120 mg per day > 350 mg 
Areas of application (exemplary) Sleeping, calming, stress, vomiting Anxiety, headaches, inflammation, depression Chronic pain, epilepsy, MS

In practice, people tend to take a high dose of CBD right away. We would like to expressly advise against this. The dangers in terms of side effects are practically non-existent. Nevertheless, you should handle this valuable product carefully and respectfully. An unnecessarily high dosage is very close to waste.

Discipline yourself to find your personal feel-good dose. Two to four drops are completely sufficient at the beginning. Especially CBD oil of high organic quality does not require large doses. A nice side effect: With this strategy, you will consume much less CBD oil and, therefore, buy it less often.

Calculate the correct number of drops:

As a rule, the manufacturers provide information on how much CBD a drop contains. If this information is missing, you can calculate the amount on your own.

Here's how:
What is the total content (milliliters) of the CBD oil bottle? What percentage of CBD is the product labelled with?

1. Calculation step:

CBD percentage * content in ml * 1000 = total amount of CBD

10 % * 12 ml * 1000 = 1,200 mg CBD in the entire bottle (at 12 ml and 10 %)

2. Calculation step:

Assume that a bottle with 10 ml CBD oil contains 230 to 250 drops. This basis is used to calculate the CBD content in one drop as follows:

CBD content (total amount) CBD / drops in the bottle = CBD per drop

3. Result:

Total amount of CBD to be taken / CBD per drop = drops needed for desired dosage

20 mg / 4 mg / drops = 5 drops

Side effects of CBD full spectrum oil

CBD full-spectrum oil is increasingly used to relieve a wide variety of ailments and is considered a safe and very well-tolerated remedy. Nevertheless, in some cases it could cause side effects, with which one should be familiar:

Tiredness: especially at high doses, tiredness is the most common side effect. This is due to the calming and relaxing properties of CBD. If vigilance is the order of the day, you should postpone taking CBD until a later time.

Dry mouth: Since CBD can inhibit saliva production, dry mouth is also one of the possible side effects. The solution is obvious: drink water.

Low blood pressure: Due to its relaxing effect, CBD can lower blood pressure under certain circumstances. For people with low blood pressure, this can lead to fatigue, dizziness, and listlessness. So it might be worthwhile to measure your own blood
pressure levels both before and after taking it.

Gastrointestinal symptoms: In the initial phase, CBD products might upset the gastrointestinal tract a little. Don't worry: scientists believe that you just need to give your body some time to get used to it.

Please note that you should use CBD together with medication only after having consulted a doctor. Moreover, CBD products should not be taken under any circumstances during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

What to look for when buying CBD full spectrum oil

If you want to try CBD oil, you should consider a few things before buying it. This is not just a question of whether it is a full spectrum CBD oil. It is rather a general question of quality, which should be a decisive purchase criterion.

Accordingly, you should ask yourself the following questions before buying CBD oil:

  • Which hemp plant is the CBD oil made from?
  • Is the product subject to regular testing?
  • Does it contain only natural ingredients?

At enecta, we are committed to maximum transparency. Our customer service is available to you at any time and is happy to answer any open questions. In addition, our staff will also support you in choosing the right CBD product.

When buying full spectrum CBD oil, look for the following features:

  • Highest quality and high product purity
  • Exclusive use of natural organic hemp (no synthetics)
  • Maximum transparency and fair prices Corresponding seals should provide assistance in finding reputable producers.

Another important quality criterion is the organic cultivation of the necessary raw materials. With this CBD product, you get even more nature than you already do!

But why are organic products better?

  • Production based on organically grown hemp
  • Farmers receive fair payment
  • Guaranteed without additives - sustainable production
  • No chemical pesticides and fertilisers

Enecta produces CBD oil exclusively from its own cultivation and guarantees 100% organic quality! Our products are subject to strict quality controls, which are regularly carried out by independent laboratories.

Ingredients of CBD Full Spectrum Oil

The quality of CBD products varies. For enecta, CBD drops are a gift from nature and as such it should be treated with respect and appreciation. Accordingly, you will find only the best from the hemp plant in our CBD oils.

You don't need more than the ingredients from Mother Nature:

  • Terpenes
  • Vitamin E
  • Hemp seed oil cold pressed
  • Natural CBD or hemp molecules (cannabinoids)

How to determine full spectrum CBD oil quality

Full spectrum does not necessarily mean high quality. The quality depends on the raw materials (the plants) and the production process. Accordingly, an isolate can be of equally high quality as a full-spectrum CBD oil.

However, if you take the degree of natural ingredients as a quality criterion, you will see full-spectrum CBD as being of higher quality. In a full-spectrum CBD oil you will find the entire power of the hemp plant.

How is CBD Full Spectrum Oil made?

The basis for the production of full-spectrum CBD oil is the cannabis plant. It produces the beneficial cannabinoids, which then become part of the oil. We grow our own hemp and use only EU-certified seeds.

But how exactly do we proceed?

Step 1: First, we obtain an extract from the hemp plant. This is full of valuable plant substances such as:

  • Cannabinoids (like CBD, CBG, CBC, and CBN)
  • Terpenes (e.g. caryophyllenes, nerolidol, and bisabolol)
  • Chlorophyll
  • Resin

Since we are talking about a full-spectrum oil here, none of these substances should be lost.

Step 2: The extract is refined to obtain the highest possible purity and finally mixed with a carrier oil. We use hemp seed oil because it is rich in vitamin E and good fats.

What else is important?

In our full-spectrum oils, the THC content is below 0.2 %.

CBD Full Spectrum Oil testimoninals

CBD products are experiencing a real boom. The selection of testimonials is correspondingly large and sends out a clear message. Those who use CBD appreciate its effect.

The main reasons why people choose CBD products include:

  • Acute and chronic pain
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Stress
  • Insomnia

Two of the most frequently mentioned benefits are:

  • The absence of side effects
  • The fact that CBD does not cause addiction

Testimonials are not scientific evidence. However, they have a high empirical value and can undoubtedly serve as an orientation when buying CBD products.

Legal status of CBD full spectrum oil

Since cannabis containing THC is legal only in a bunch of countries, some might wonder whether CBD oil is actually legal.

We are here to provide clarity: As of 2023, full-spectrum CBD oil is legal in the UK, the US, and all EU countries.

However, some regulations have to be complied with:

  • The oil must not contain more than 0.2 % THC
  • Whoever purchases the oil must be of legal age
  • The oil must not be sold as medicine or food

It goes without saying that we adhere to all listed regulations. Whoever buys from us is on the safe side!

Frequently asked questions

CBD is on everyone's lips and is gaining in popularity. Even though it is a well-known cannabinoid, CBD products are still new territory for many people. New products automatically raise many questions.

Enecta goes to great lengths to answer all of them. Our FAQ section should help you increase your general knowledge about CBD.

Full spectrum CBD oil is extracted from cannabis sativa. Unlike conventional CBD oils, it contains all the natural cannabinoids of the plant and not just the eponymous cannabidiol. In addition, it contains abundant terpenes. These secondary plant compounds have beneficial properties in themselves and can also enhance
the effect of CBD.

To produce full spectrum CBD oil, we extract all the beneficial active ingredients and
then mix them with a carrier oi. We use hemp seed oil because it contains vitamins and healthy fats.

The active ingredients contained in full spectrum oils interact with our body's endocannabinoid system and can thus influence important physiological processes.

CBD full spectrum oil is therefore recommended to:

  • Relieve pain
  • Inhibit inflammation
  • Improve the quality of sleep
  • Support the immune system
  • Counteract anxiety and stress
  • Lighten the mood

Although CBD is considered safe and well-tolerated, some people may experience mild side effects such as listlessness, low blood pressure, or dry mouth. Should side effects occur, it would be advisable to reduce the dosage of the oil or stop consuming it altogether.

It is also important to note that cannabidiol can interact with medications. Accordingly, if one is undergoing drug therapy, it should only be taken after consultation with the doctor.

In a nutshell: All CBD products that contain only CBD do not belong to the category of full-spectrum CBD oils. The latter are composed of a wide range of terpenes and

The result is more than the sum of its parts. The different active ingredients establish an interaction, thus reinforcing each other. Full spectrum products are not only available in the form of CBD drops, but also as CBD capsules.

The optimal dosage cannot be determined with a snap of the fingers. It depends on various factors: Need, age, body weight, absorption rate, individual tolerance. One should therefore start with a low dosage and see how the body reacts to it. If necessary, it can then be slowly increased.

It is recommended to take CBD Full Spectrum Oil twice a day: once in the morning, the other in the evening. Again, this is merely advice. You will determine your own optimal dosage over time.

No. You don't need to worry. For one thing, CBD is not a drug: it does not cause dependence and has no intoxicating effect. Accordingly, drug tests are not designed to detect CBD.

Secondly, the THC content of CBD products must be below 0.2 %. In order to test positive for THC, one would have to drown huge amounts of CBD oil.

As long as you buy your full spectrum oil from reputable suppliers and don't handle it as if it were cool water on a hot summer day, you have nothing to worry about.