The best products to boost immunity naturally.
With vitamins and herbal extracts.

CBImmuno Candies support immune health and help boost your immunity naturally, thanks to the combination of hemp extract (CBG) and vitamins. This synergy makes them the perfect ally to support your body through seasonal changes, especially from autumn to winter. 

While vitamin C contributes to the normal function of the immune system, CBG has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal properties.

CB6 Immuno capsules are an immune supplement high in vitamins and herbal extracts. They contain vitamin C, vitamin B6, and zinc – that support the normal functions of the immune system – as well as Tabebuia, Uncaria, Echinacea, and Astragalus, which all contribute to strengthening the body's natural defenses.

This immune supplement is ideal to get your body ready for the cold months. It contributes to the normal functions of the immune system, has detoxifying effects, and supports the body’s defenses in the case of chronic infections of the respiratory, gastrointestinal, and urinary tract.

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When should I take an immunity booster? 

An immunity booster is helpful when the immune system is weakened, and the risk of infection is higher. It happens, for example, when the seasons change, in the cold months, during menstruation, but also when we recover from an illness or are particularly stressed.

Products that support a healthy immune system can also help with flu or other viral infections. If taken at the first signs of an infection, they can strengthen the immune response and thus ease the symptoms.

Natural immune gummies with hemp extract and vitamin C 

With CBImmuno Candies, we launch our new line dedicated to immune health.

These candies are designed to support immune system functioning and boost your body’s natural defenses.

They contain two simple first-rate ingredients: hemp extract, which has a proven immunomodulatory and antibacterial effect, and vitamin C, capable of enhancing immunity.

The hemp extract is high in CBG (cannabigerol), a beneficial non-intoxicating cannabinoid found in Cannabis Sativa. We chose to include CBG specifically because of its antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties.

CBImmuno Candies are delicious and fruity and available in two different packs:

  • the 30-pack with 180 mg organic hemp extract and 180 mg vitamin C
  • the 60-pack with 360 mg organic hemp extract and 360 mg vitamin C

Each candy contains 6 mg hemp extract and 6 mg vitamin C. 

Boost your immune system: choose between capsules and gummies

One of the best immune defense supplements

CB6 Immuno is our first dietary supplement and we designed it aiming for maximum quality. You can think of it as a team of natural ingredients ready to support your immune system and make you feel better whenever you need it. The captains are vitamin B6 and vitamin C. Together with zinc, they ensure that your body is fit for daily challenges.

Along with them other key players: Tabebuia, Uncaria, Echinacea, and Astragalus. They all have their specialty and hustle to strengthen the body’s natural defenses. 

Tabebuia and Uncaria have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. They work to keep toxins at bay and help your body stay fit and ready for action. Echinacea stimulates the immune system and helps prevent infections. Astragalus provides support in stressful situations.

This immune supplement is the centerpiece of a long-term strategy to boost your well-being, especially in the case of chronic infections of the respiratory, gastrointestinal, and urinary tract.

CBImmuno Candies:
  • Contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system
  • Help prevent seasonal illnesses 
  • Help enhance immunity
  • Are practical and convenient
  • Taste great

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What is the best way to take an herbal immune booster?

Herbal immune boosters are best taken over a prolonged period of time so that they can fully unfold their beneficial potential. However, after only a few weeks you might experience the first benefits.

We recommend taking an herbal immune booster from the beginning of autumn to the end of winter and whenever you feel physically or mentally exhausted.

Speaking of CBImmuno Candies they are easy to take: you just need to chew them thoroughly until they dissolve. This way, the body absorbs the ingredients first through the oral mucosa and then through the gastrointestinal tract.

CB6 capsules are taken like any other dietary supplement: two capsules a day with a nice gulp of water.

Boost your immune system: What does science tell us?

A study on the effect of specific natural supplements on respiratory diseases found that the intake of vitamin C reduces the risk of acute respiratory infections as well as their duration.

During the pandemic, emphasis was often placed on the importance of an adequate intake of certain micronutrients. These include vitamin C and zinc, known for their immunomodulatory function. A study on the efficacy of vitamin C and zinc supplements against viral infections showed a correlation between vitamin C and zinc deficiency and a weaker immune response.

A study investigating the correlation between vitamin C levels and chronic sinusitis showed that adults with this illness have lower levels of vitamin C than those without. The study also suggested that vitamin C can positively influence the immune balance and raise antioxidant levels, thus contributing to preventing flu and other respiratory illnesses.

A scientific review of the role of vitamin B6 in metabolism shows that this molecule is necessary for the proper functioning of the whole organism underlining that its deficiency can be observed in many illnesses.


Herbal extracts and vitamins: the perfect synergy for a healthy immune system.

A study on the effects of CBG indicates that cannabigerol promotes a variety of biological processes by interacting with G-protein-coupled receptors. CBG has, among other things, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal properties and contributes to regulating the redox balance. On top of that, it has neuromodulatory properties. Due to its versatility, CBG is considered a promising compound to support the body’s response to illnesses that require multidirectional pharmacotherapy.

As this study on cannabis activity against inflammation points out, there are many phytocannabinoids with anti-inflammatory potential. This comes as a result of the phytocannabinoids’ interaction with our endocannabinoid system, which leads to the activation of anti-inflammatory signaling pathways.

A study on the antibacterial effects of phytocannabinoids concludes that these compounds can be effective against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. In addition, the study suggests that they might be helpful in preventing the growth of certain types of resistant bacteria.


What causes a weak immune system?

A weak immune system can be the result of several factors, including stress, vitamin deficiency, or seasonal changes, when the immune system is particularly vulnerable. But it can also be caused by the flu or certain medications such as antibiotics.

Sleep disorders and a sedentary lifestyle are other risk factors that can compromise immune function, together with the long-term consumption of nicotine and alcohol.

A strong immune system is essential for physical and mental well-being. Therefore, it is best to know which symptoms low immune defenses come with.


What are the symptoms of a weak immune system?

Below, we have listed the most common symptoms associated with a weak immune system:

  • Persistent exhaustion
  • Migraine
  • Joint pain
  • Muscle pain
  • Hair loss
  • Dry skin
  • Sore throat
  • Recurrent flu-like illnesses 


If taken at the recommended dosage our herbal immune boosters have no side effects 

No. The gummies contain hemp extract with CBG (cannabigerol), a cannabinoid known for its antibacterial properties. CB6 capsules do not contain cannabinoids but are high in other herbal extracts and vitamins.

No. The gummies have a THC content of less than 0,5%, as laid down in existing legislation. The capsules do not contain cannabinoids.