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When we talk about Cannabis or about Hemp we are actually talking about the same plant, which is in turn divided in Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica. These two varieties indicate the same plant with different characteristics and applications; depending on whether it is used in therapeutic and/or industrial contexts, one variety rather than the other will be selected.

When we talk about Cannabis we mean the entire plant. According to some researchers Cannabis can be divided in two species: Indica and Sativa.

Phytocannabinoids are cannabinoids present in the Cannabis, amongst which CBD and THC.

Endocannabinoids are neuromediators which are generated in our body. The two best known and studied most are N-arachidonylethanolamide (anandamide, AEA) and 2-arachidonoylglycerol (2-AG).

Cannabinoid receptors are specific binding sites for cannabinoids and are distributed on the surface of many types of cells. Scientific research has discovered two types of receptors: CB1 and CB2. CB1 are mainly found on the nervous cells of the CNS, while the CB2 receptors are mainly found on the immunocompetent cells.

During the growth process of Cannabis, the production of cannabinoid acids, like THCA and CBDA take place; these are the acid forms of the free molecules, and thus CBDA is nothing other than the precursor of CBD. The conversion process from CBDA to CBD is called decarboxylation and occurs through heat. Both CBDA and CBD are non-psychoactive cannabinoids.

Terpenes are biomolecules produced by many plants and which are the main compounds of their resins and essential oils and give to each of them their own characteristic odour.

The Entourage Effect refers to the combined effect the various substances present in Cannabis have got, which can differ according to the combination itself.

Studies report that the result of a combination can modify the actions of the main active principles, enhancing their actions and minimalizing the possible side effects.

“Raw” CBD oil is an unprocessed and unfiltered oil, not subjected to high temperatures. This implies the presence of CBDa, the acid form of Cannabidiol.

At the present, apart from some countries in which it is recognized as a medical drug or a substance subject to controls, no laws exist for CBD regarding this issue.


In literature it is reported that the maximum dosage used on human beings is 1500mg CBD/day, with good tolerance and without any particular side effects. In general research studies report that CBD has low toxicity. As of today no data has been registered in literature which analyse the risks of overdosage related also to other factors, amongst which the presence of particular pathological conditions and the simultaneous intake of certain types of medical drugs.

As far as we know at the present time, no research studies have been conducted which can demonstrate the security of CBD in pregnant and breastfeeding patients. We therefore recommend to avoid the administration of CBD during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

As of today in literature no cases of abuse and physical addictionhave been identified in animals nor in humans.

Anti-drug tests are carried out via a process of immunological screening. When CBD is taken in high dosages, it could give a false-positive result during the first phase of the test. In this case the procedure requires more thorough tests to check on presence of the major metabolites of THC (THC-COOH and 11-OHTHC), which are not present in the Enecta products.

Each individual has different responses when using different quantities of CBD, in relationship to the following parameters:

  • Body weight
  • Age
  • Reason why CBD is used
  • Coexistence of various health issues
  • Simultaneous intake of medical drugs

As of today most of scientific research has been conducted using variable dosages, from 100mg/day to 800 mg/day. Our recommendation is to always consult your doctor.

The effect of CBD and its duration present significant variations, depending on several parameters which involve the pharmacokinetics of the active substance, among which the method of administration, factors varying from individual to individual (gender, age, weight, etc..), psychophysical features of the individual.

The parameter technically indicating the duration or "permanence" of a substance inside our organism, is called half-life, which is the time necessary to reduce the plasmatic concentration of the substance by a 50%. As of today research on CBD reports a half-life of 27-35 hours for administration by inhalation and 2-5 days for oral administration.

As of today in literature it's documented that the most rapid effect is obtained with administration by inhalation (5-10 minutes), while in oral administration, an increase in plasmatic concentration of CBD occurs after 1 hour (probable outset of the effects of CBD), reaching its peak after about 3 hours; subsequently the elimination process through faeces and urine begins. In a research study it has been reported how the CBD peak in urine after oral administration of > 150mg was registered after 6 hours. Hence it can be deduced that the effects of CBD last at least 6 hours.

The effects of CBD are featured by a wide range of inter-individual and affected by the administration modes and the dosage as well. The ideal quantity for obtaining the desired effect can therefore change from individual to individual and thus require a patient and thoughtful titration. The experience described by consumers is starting with a relatively low dosage of CBD, verifying if the desided results are obtained; and if not increasing the dosage gradually until the desired effects are achieved.

A revision of more than 130 works published in literature reports that also for high dosages of CBD (up to 1500mg/day) no significant side effects are known. In particular no alterations of the major physiological parameters have been demonstrated (e.g. blood pressure and heart-rate) nor any alterations in the psychomotor functions. The only side effects, occurred however mostly during in vitro studies or on animal models, are: fertility reduction, inhibition of the enzymes involved in hepatic metabolism of pharmacological substances and alterations of the cell viability. In humans the minimal side effects identified in some studies are mainly diarrhoea, fatigue and appetite changes (most frequently a reduction rather than an increase).


Cannabis Sativa L. with seeds certified in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Law and with a presence of THC not superior to 0.2%. Currently our mainly used varieties are Futura, Fedora e Shantica.

Il nostro CBD è una molecola naturale in quanto il processo produttivo non consiste in un processo di sintesi, ma di estrazione. Un processo di sintesi prevede l'inizio da materie prime semplici che seguendo una serie di reazioni controllate portano alla formazione di uno o più composti complessi; un processo di estrazione al contrario, parte da matrice più complessa (ad es. vegetale) che una serie di passaggi rende più semplice. Il fitocomplesso della Cannabis è ricco di numerosissime sostanze (cere, terpenI, cannabinoidi, flavonoidi, oli essenziali, lipidi...) e solo un processo di estrazione altamente controllato può portare come risultato uno o più cannabinoidi.

Hemp plants are by nature gluten-free and in the spaces dedicated to our production, only Hemp and derivatives are introduced. However, for the protection of our customers and to exclude any kind of processing contaminations, periodically the test in accordance to the EU Regulations 828/2014 is carried out in accredited laboratories.

Our CBD is a natural molecule, as the production process does not consist in a process of synthesizing but of extraction. A process of synthesizing starts from simple raw materials which, through a series of controlled reactions, lead to the formation of one or more complex compounds; an extraction process on the contrary, parts from a more complex matrix (e.g. vegetable) which is made more simple by a series of specific steps. The phytocomplex of Cannabis is rich in numerous substances (resins, terpenes, cannabinoids, flavonoids, essential oils, lipids...) and only a highly controlled extraction process can result in one or more cannabinoids.

The Cannabis used for our CBD products derive from seeds certified in EU in accordance with the Regulations of the European Parliament and Counsel, Directive 2002/53/EC and relevant laws.

Each aspect of the production process is monitored on cannabinoids (especially CBD and THC) and on a series of recognitions and analyses which guarantee its requirements especially at microbiological level; the certificates of full analysis supply qualitative and quantitative information in accordance with the regulations in force, in relation to the products (microbiology, heavy metals, chemical and physical characteristics...).

The extraction method involves the use of solvents within the limits of the European Pharmacopoeia. The method used guarantees the utmost purity of the final product and the presence of residual solvents in the products is secure and in compliance with the standards applied to pharmaceutical products.

In our products THC is < 0.2%.


The best way to store our CBD oil is to keep it in the fridge, away from light and heat.

The difference between the three variants of Premium Hemp Extract is the varying concentration of Cannabidiol (300mg, 1000mg, 2400mg) present in the product, in 10 ml bottles. Premium Hemp Extract 3% was created to “promote a first approach to CBD” and allow people to test the properties of the active substance, as well as those of Hemp seed oil. The 10% cbd oil version is used by those who uses it every day and finally, the 24% oil is dedicated to those who need a high amount of CBD.

The oil is rich in substances of the family of terpenes and flavonoids, naturally occurring in the products, and of which the presence in terms of quantity and quality is subject to variables conferred to the natural characteristics of the plant. The same goes for cannabinoids, of which the presence and rates vary from plant to plant; in general, apart from the relative acid forms (not decarboxylated) in the products the presence of CBDV, CBG e CBN are detected.

The best way to store our CBD Capsules is to keep it between 16 and 28 celsius degrees, away from light and heat.

It is preferable to use the oil to identify and modulate with the dropper the quantity of the product to be consumed. Capsules are recommended for people already using CBD and need a higher quantity or specific quantities already identified. Furthermore capsules ensure an accurate dosage for those who could have whichever difficulty, for example, in counting the drops (tremors, reduced vision etc..). For those having problems swallowing, the oil is more suitable, as for some individuals capsules could present this inconvenience. Finally, capsules, being odourless and tasteless, are excellent for those who don't like the flavour of the oil.

Our 3% CBD oil contains Hemp Seed Oil, Hemp extract with high Cannabidiol contents (300 mg of CBD), a blend of Natural Tocopherols. Other Cannabinoids are also present (CBDA, CBV, CBG, CBN) in low quantities, terpenes, flavonoids and other natural compounds of the Hemp Plant.

Our 10% CBD oil contains Hemp Seed Oil, Hemp extract with high Cannabidiol contents (1000 mg of CBD), a blend of Natural Tocopherols. Other Cannabinoids are also present ( CBDA, CBV, CBG, CBN) in low quantities, terpenes, flavonoids and other natural compounds of the Hemp Plant.


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