Enecta CBD Crystals, even more dazzling thanks to the new packaging and the practical dosing spoon

Avalailble in 2 variants: 0,5 grams or 1 gram pack.

Our CBD Crystals have changed the form but not the substance: 99% pure CBD plus 1% of natural terpenes from the Cannabis Sativa L. plant from which we extract our products.  

With the precious addition of a practical dosing spoon, selecting the correct quantity of CBD to be taken, is even more simple and without wastage.  

Why take CBD crystals

Taking CBD in the form of crystals represent the most effective and healthy way to benefit from the product, as they are consumed by vaporization or oral administration, thus avoiding the combustion process.

How to take:

VaporizationIt is necessary to be in the possession of a vaporizer with which it is possible to keep the temperature under control, which should be between 160° and 180°C for optimum usage.

As a culinary ingredient: The Enecta CBD Crystals can be added to your favourite dishes.

Ingestion: The CBD Crystals can simply be administered orally and positioned under the tongue.


Cc500: Pack of 0,5 grams of CBD Crystals with 99% pure CBD and 1% natural terpenes.

Cc1000: Pack of 1 gram of CBD Crystals with 99% pure CBD and 1% natural terpenes.