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CBD and cognitive aging, what does Science say?

Geschrieben von Lorenz Wacker am 12.01.2018

CBD and cognitive aging, what does Science say?


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When we talk about cognitive aging we are referring to the brain deterioration characterised by an alteration of cognitive functions, such as memory, language, perception,  and the inability to solve everyday problems.

Scientists have conducted several studies on these diseases, trying to understand how Cannabis and CBD in particular can prove to be an ally to fight them.

To understand more we cite a study conducted by the University of Harvard in collaboration with the University of Tuft scholars, published in Frontiers in Pharmacology.

On whom was the study conducted? 24 people who use cannabis for medical reasons were examined and their cognitive ability was measured.

What do the numbers say? After three months of study, patients showed a better ability to develop some cognitive tasks. In this case, these patients had issues with depression and impulsivity, but the researchers have shown a decrease in opiate consumption and an improvement in sleep and psychophysical status in general.

How did Cannabis take over? It must be stressed that the people who took part in this study took Cannabis in various ways. Each participant took different levels of cannabinoids, depending on the individual needs, so some varieties had a high CBD value as opposed to those that had high levels of THC or THCA.

What does Science say? Another concrete example comes from a study conducted by a team of researchers who found that CBD could reduce the cognitive deficit caused by Alzheimer's on lab experiments with mice, while in the same study the neuroprotective action of cannabinoids was investigated as a preventative factor of Alzheimer's.

News - Speaking in terms of current affairs in the United States after the legalisation of cannabis in individual states, 55-year-old Americans using the drug have gone from 2.8 million to 4.3 million in the last two years.

The California case where marijuana for medical use is authorised consists of many elderly people who go to the dispensaries to discover the benefits of the product. Eva Aguillara, 80, uses "grass" to help with mobility problems: "Every medicine has risks - said the woman at CBS - I made my choice".


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