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10% CBD Oil

Certified organic hemp extract

A daily ally to keep the endocannabinoid system in balance.

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10% CBD Oil
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10% CBD Oil (1000mg) - 10ml - Enecta.en
10% CBD Oil (1000mg) - 10ml - Enecta.en
10% CBD Oil (1000mg) - 10ml - Enecta.en

10% CBD Oil

Our clients’ first choice

The 10% Premium CBD Oil with 1000 mg of CBD, is a true assurance, and contains all the best properties that a high-quality CBD oil must have:

  • It is extracted following pharmaceutical standards
  • It is tested and certified in third party laboratories, to ensure its maximum safety
  • It is produced in Italy, from Cannabis Sativa L. plants grown without the use of pesticides

Thanks to its CBD concentration (10%), it is practical and versatile and it allows us to easily find the right dosage of CBD.

Ingredients of 10% CBD oil

Enecta relies on the power of nature, and 10% CBD oil contains, therefore, only natural ingredients. Chemical additives are deliberately avoided. The hemp from which we extract the cannabidiol (CBD) is certified and grown under the Italian sun according to the highest standards. The enecta family takes care of sowing, cultivating, harvesting, and producing the CBD items. Thus, we make no secret of the composition of our premium CBD oil with 10 percent pure cannabidiol:

What does our CBD oil contain?

Cold-pressed hemp seed oil (hemp oil), terpenes, vitamin E, natural hemp molecules/cannabidiol

We produce 10% CBD oil 10 percent in specialised laboratories according to a GMP-certified process. For your safety, an independent laboratory checks the end product so that your CBD oil is guaranteed to be free of synthetic ingredients and harmful substances - such as pesticides. By the way, enecta's 10% CBD oil is vegan.

These ingredients are contained in CBD oil 10 percent:

Active ingredient: Cannabidiol

The effect of our CBD oil is based on the fact that it contains cannabidiol (CBD), a natural active ingredient known for its numerous benefits. 10% CBD oil also contains traces of THC (<0.2%), but they don't impact your body

Carrier oil: hemp seed oil

Cold-pressed hemp seed oil (hemp oil) is used as a carrier oil. This high-quality vegetable oil is gently extracted from hemp seeds. It contains essential fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6), valuable acids such as oleic acid, linoleic acid, and others, as well as vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. These compounds are said to support cell regeneration, keep the brain young, and contribute to a healthy organism.

Hemp seed oil contains, among others:

  • Vitamin B1 and vitamin B2
  • Phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium
  • Iron, manganese, zinc

Since pure hemp seed oil does not contain any cannabinoids, we enrich it with CBD. The result is a synergy between CBD and many other healthy substances (vitamins, fatty acids, etc.) that can lead to a pleasant overall CBD effect. By the way, the golden-brown 10% CBD oil has a pleasantly mild taste.

Secondary compounds with health benefits:

Our 10% CBD oil also contains terpenes and vitamin E. On the one hand, terpenes provide the smell and taste of the hemp plant. On the other, they have beneficial properties. Hemp contains over 100 different terpenes that are said to have specific effects: caryophyllene (anti-inflammatory), humulene (pain-relieving), limonene (anxiety-relieving), and many more. Although research is still in its infancy, it can be assumed that these chemical compounds have a decisive influence on the effect of CBD.

Vitamin E counteracts oxidative stress, which occurs when there are too many free radicals (oxygen compounds) and the body can't fend them off anymore. Reasons for oxidative stress can be overwork, stress, unhealthy diet, or sleep disorders. Our 10% CBD with vitamin E can help to restore the balance.

Benefits of 10% CBD oil

CBD has been researched intensively, and its potential benefits are drawing the attention of a growing number of physicians.

Ten percent CBD oil can support you:

  • reducing stress
  • relieving anxiety
  • supporting the natural anti-inflammatory reaction
  • relieving pain
  • relieving gastrointestinal symptoms

In general, CBD oil is used to increase physical and mental well-being. That said, CBD oil 10 percent is not an alternative to medically necessary treatments and medications. Also, CBD cannot replace exercise and a healthy diet. As of 2023, CBD products are not considered medicines. They can only be used as a supplement and do not replace a visit to the doctor or pharmacist.

However, Enecta's CBD oil offers a natural way to support your body's response to minor ailments. Some users have, for example, been able to replace classic OTC painkillers taken for period pain with CBD.

10% CBD oil: How to take it (sublingually)

Taking CBD oil is easy and quick. You only need to know how much CBD you want to take. The intake procedure is always the same and only takes a few seconds. The so-called sublingual administration is particularly efficient.

One of the advantages of 10% CBD oil is that you can adjust the dosage yourself, which is impossible with pre-dosed CBD capsules. With CBD oil, the total amount of CBD can be adjusted drop by drop.

We recommend following these simple steps:

Prepare the intake:

  1. Shake the vial with CBD oil before use so that the active ingredient is optimally distributed.
  2. Unscrew the vial.
  3. Dip the dropper into the 10% CBD oil and create a vacuum by squeezing its top.
  4. Release it while the dropper is still in the vial.
  5. Pull the dropper out of the vial without applying pressure.

Consume the oil:

Once you have drawn up the dropper, you're ready to consume your CBD oil. Tilt your head back, open your mouth, and drop the desired amount of CBD oil directly under your tongue. In order for the CBD to take full effect, follow the tips below.

Tips for best effectiveness:

  • Avoid eating and drinking at least 30 minutes before ingestion.
  • Keep the 10% CBD oil in your mouth for one to two minutes before swallowing.
  • Avoid eating, drinking, and smoking for at least 10 to 15 minutes after ingestion.

By keeping the CBD oil in your mouth for one to two minutes, the first cannabinoids can already be absorbed by the oral mucosa. This way the effect can kick in more quickly. The remaining CBD is absorbed by your gastrointestinal tract. The full effect unfolds after about 45 minutes.

How to store 10% CBD oil:

To preserve the quality of CBD oil in the long term, you should protect it from excessive heat and sunlight if possible. This way, you can confidently store it for months. Also, keep CBD oil out of the reach of children.

Daily intake of 10% CBD oil:

If you want to enjoy the best possible effect, you should take 10% CBD oil regularly. Since CBD is not addictive, it can be consumed daily without any problems. If necessary, you can consume cannabidiol up to three times a day. The effect usually lasts between six and eight hours.

How to dose 10% CBD oil

Everyone is different, and the feel-good dose varies from person to person. You should say goodbye to a "the more, the better" mindset when it comes to CBD. Our customers have had the best experience starting with a minimal amount of CBD. The CBD dosage can then be increased until you get the perfect effect.

Orientation guide for 10% CBD oil dosage:

One drop of enecta's 10% CBD oil contains about 3 mg of CBD. This relatively small amount of CBD per drop allows you to increase the overall dose in small steps. For this reason, 10% CBD oil is the most suitable product for everyday use.

low CBD dosage: 10 mg CBD (approx. 3 drops)

medium CBD dosage: 20 mg CBD (approx. 7 drops)

high CBD dosage: 60 mg CBD (approx. 20 drops)

These values are for guidance purposes only and do not constitute specific recommendations. How much 10% CBD oil you should actually take depends on your body weight, age, and state of health, among other things. The more intense the complaint that is to be alleviated by CBD, the higher the dosage should be.

Side effects

CBD is considered to be well tolerated and to have very few side effects. Studies even showed that it is possible to take 1,000 mg of CBD per day without experiencing dangerous side effects. Occasionally, restlessness, drowsiness, a dry mouth, loss of appetite, or nausea may occur. However, these symptoms disappear quickly and are usually harmless. It is rare that users report a CBD intolerance. In these cases, it is best to refrain from taking CBD oil.

There aren't known cases of a CBD overdose. Also, CBD is also demonstrably not addictive.

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When is should I choose 10% CBD oil?

When you take CBD oil, you can enjoy all its beneficial properties. CBD is used daily by many people to boost their well-being the natural way. Enecta's hemp extract with ten percent CBD can support you when:

  • You are often stressed in everyday life and wish for more relaxation.
  • You find it difficult to switch off in the evening and have difficulty sleeping
  • You suffer from pain and want to fight inflammation
  • You want to complement the treatment of illnesses (e.g., depression, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy).
  • You want to feel vital, better, and generally more comfortable.

Money-back guarantee

Thanks to the “satisfy or refund” warranty you have up to 30 days to return free from fees the products that don’t satisfy you.

Our packing too is close to the environment. It is made of + 30% Post-consumer fiber and 70% sustainably sourced ECF (Elemental Chlorine Free) pulp.


Enecta stands for high quality at a fair price. 10% CBD oil is available in two formats. The small 10 ml bottle costs 31.95 € incl. VAT, the big one (30 ml) 84.95 € incl. VAT. If you opt for the 30 ml version, you can save a few euros.

The 10 ml bottle contains about 333 drops of CBD oil and, with a dosage of about 10 mg CBD per day, will last for about one month if taken continuously.

Thus, the 30 ml version provides you with high-quality CBD for a whole three months. This way, taking CBD daily costs 1.06 euros for the small bottle and only 0.93 euros for the large one.

For the 10% CBD oil, enecta uses only natural ingredients, which it obtains from its own cultivation. The basis is cold-pressed hemp seed oil (hemp oil), which is enriched with pure cannabidiol.

The extract also contains terpenes, vitamins, and other healthy substances that can enhance the effect of CBD. Our 10% CBD oil is free of heavy metals, pesticides, and other harmful substances.

To leave nothing to chance, third-party laboratories regularly test its quality. With a THC content of less than 0.2%, enecta's CBD oil does not cause intoxication and is legal in a great number of countries.

Only you can find out whether enecta's CBD oil fits your needs. We recommend you try it out! CBD in the form of oil is easy to take and can be dosed precisely.

The 10% CBD oil also has the advantage of allowing both a low and high dosage. The effect kicks in comparatively fast, especially if you opt for the sublingual administration.

Enecta offers you organic CBD products suitable for every situation at a fair price. Our customer service will be happy to advise you!

No. The only difference between the "large" and "small" version is the amount of CBD oil they contain. The quality is the same, and the CBD content is exactly 10 percent in both cases.

The 10 ml bottle is a little more expensive (we offer a "quantity discount" for 30 ml), but it is easier to carry around. The 30 ml bottle is relatively cheap and perfect for daily CBD intake at home over a prolonged period of time.