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CBD and the Coronavirus: Myths Debunked

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A recent scam has seen hundreds of American's receiving text messages pushing a fake 'Fox News' article that promotes CBD oil as a treatment for the coronavirus.

Here at Enecta, we take transparency seriously, so we want to give our readers the facts around CBD and COVID-19. 

CBD is NOT a treatment for the coronavirus. If you contract COVID-19, you must adhere to your local health professional and government guidelines.

Depending on your age, and any underlying medical conditions, you may be advised to self-quarantine, or be admitted to a hospital for treatment.

We urge our readers to follow all official guidelines and not to be misled by companies trying to profit from this global pandemic.

coronavirus and cbd cannabidiol fake news

What Benefits Does CBD Hold for People Facing COVID-19

As we've mentioned, CBD will not treat respiratory or feverish symptoms associated with the coronavirus. We want to make that very clear in this piece.

However, it does hold properties that could help treat vomiting and nausea, which can be induced in some people diagnosed with the condition.

Although CBD may not offer a direct cure for coronavirus, it has been shown to have anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial properties.

These could be significant for people experiencing any inflammation or sickness brought on by panic or stress associated with the global pandemic.

Additionally, CBD is used all over the world by people dealing with stress and anxiety issues. So for those of you who are facing challenging conditions through isolation and remote working, CBD could help to reduce any panic and stress that you are experiencing.

Let's also consider the potential effects that CBD has on the human body: CBD can be very effective at strengthening the immune system.

Many studies have revealed that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, which help support the immune system by decreasing levels of inflammation.

Many autoimmune diseases are caused by increased inflammation, and CBD can combat this as it works to strengthen the immune system.

Therefore, for people recovering from coronavirus, CBD could help to strengthen their weakened immune systems. 

However, as always, we advise to seek advice from a medical professional and follow their guidelines around supplementation and medication, especially if you have been admitted to hospital and are taking prescribed medicines following COVID-19 diagnoses and treatment.

Additionally, CBD has positive effects on the immune system, strengthening it when it becomes weakened or hyperactive.

Hyperactive immune systems overreact when they are met with diseases or allergens, causing it to harm the body in some cases.

This is the case with multiple sclerosis, where the immune system damages the central nervous system due to hyperactivity, scarring tissues, and destroying nerve fibers.

The immune system fights against disease in two ways, humoral immunity, and cell-mediated immunity. To keep the functions of the immune system optimal, balance is required between these two complex immunities.

The endocannabinoid system is responsible for the regulation and balance between cell-mediated and humoral immune responses.

Therefore, the stimulation of the ECS by CBD and other cannabinoids helps to enhance the responsivity, function, and balance of the immune system.

It can be said that the ECS and CBD work in synergy to maintain the optimal functioning of the human immune system.

CBD and Sleep

Additionally, for anyone suffering from lack of sleep as a result of stress or illness, CBD can help to regulate their sleep/wake cycle.

Some people find that CBD provides unbounded energy, while others might liken CBD to taking a melatonin supplement. The different effects could be related to dosage size, body composition, or when the CBD is taken.

Certain studies illustrate that CBD may improve sleep, whereas others suggest that CBD use promotes wakefulness. While contradictory at first glance, the two may not be mutually exclusive – CBD may utilize multiple systems that given the sleep-wake cycle.

While several cannabidiol users think the best time of day to consume CBD oil is before bed to improve their sleep, other users prefer to take it in the morning for increased energy. This can be confusing for some people: is CBD a sleep-aid or a stimulant?

The truth is, every person's endocannabinoid system responds differently to CBD, and, depending on what effects you're looking for, CBD can be taken at different times throughout the day and night.


To conclude, CBD is NOT a cure or a treatment for the coronavirus itself. However, for those suffering from stress due to job displacement, self-quarantine, or isolation, CBD may offer relief to some of the anxiety that you are facing.

CBD could also help to strengthen the immune systems in some people that are recovering from COVID-19 or any other conditions that weaken the immune system.

No two people are the same, so some people experience more benefits from CBD supplementation than others. We always recommend that our customers' start low and go slow' when they start to take CBD.


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