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CBD Enecta, why is it better and healthier to use a Vaporizer?

Geschrieben von Lorenz Wacker am 25.12.2017

CBD Enecta, why is it better and healthier to use a Vaporizer?



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Vaporizers, through which one can appreciate and maximize the characteristics of CBD fully, represent one of the most effective and healthy ways of consuming CBD.

Currently one can find CBD in many forms on the market, which makes it possible to consume it in various ways; in this article we will try and highlight the advantages of consuming cannabidiol through vaporizers.

While consuming CBD Crystals with a Vaporizer, the cannabinoids evaporate without any kind of combustion; the vapour doesn’t contain any trace of toxins at all, contrary to (Cigarette)Smoke.  

Often crystals are used by individuals for therapeutic purposes, but ever more healthy consumers start to appreciate the benefits to their wellbeing and use them for example at the end of a long day of hard work, when stress levels are high and they’re trying to find a moment of absolute relaxation!


With CBD crystals it is easier to keep the CBD dosage under control


With a Vaporize it’s possible to keep the dosage under control in a very precise way and this makes it cheaper in use! Vaporizers maximize the efficacy of CBD; with Enecta’s 99One Crystals it’s enough to use a quantity the size of a grain of wheat to obtain good performance and a great result.

May it be obvious and clear that each individual has different needs and thus the quantities may vary from person to person, however we suggest to always start with a contained dosage, if you are approaching Crystals for the first time, and then try and change the quantity to be consumed according to your specific needs.

Vaporizers do not produce smoke or any particular odours, there’s no tar or other chemical substances which might remain in the room in which we vaporize, as is the case with cigarette smoke, for example.

Your home will not smell bad and so won’t your garments and one can capture the scent only when near to an individual vaporizing. This could also represent a great advantage for those smoking in the open air, in the middle of a crowd, using portable devices.  

Do you find this argument interesting and would you like to know more about it? Don’t hesitate to contact us, write an e-mail to or contact us through our Social Media Pages, on Facebook or Instagram and the Enecta Team will be there ready to clarify  all your questions and doubts.


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