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Christmas 2017, Enecta gift ideas!

Geschrieben von Lorenz Wacker am 15.12.2017

Christmas 2017, Enecta gift ideas!


Christmas gift ideas? Choose relaxation, wellbeing and knowledge in discovering CBD, the cannabinoid with extraordinary properties.

On our Blog pages we talk daily about the characteristics of CBD and its fields of application, going from the world of Sports to everyday life and to the therapeutic areas.

Christmas is the perfect occasion for a gift branded Enecta; in this article you can find some practical tips from us regarding which products to select as your special Christmas gift!   
Premium Hemp Extract 3% - If you want to give a CBD product to an individual who never tried it before, we suggest to opt for our Premium Hemp Extract 3%!

This product is dedicated to all of those who never tried CBD and is addressed to a target of consumers who use the product not necessarily for therapeutic purposes, but to benefit of its contribution in achieving a better psychophysical balance.


enectas premium hemp extract: 300mg CBD

Ambrosia – Do you just love Vaping? Ambrosia is the right product for you! Eliquids without nicotine with three different CBD concentrations; the perfect present for a healthy moment of relaxation!

Eliquid is the perfect present for a healthy moment of relaxation


In this case our suggestion is the following: if the individual receiving the gift never tried Ambrosia before, opt for the lowest (20 mg) or medium (100 mg) CBD concentration and only then the highest (200 mg) concentration.


If you have a friend or family member, for example, who is trying to quit smoking, Ambrosia could be an excellent ally and your gift would be very much appreciated!

Premium Hemp Extract 10% - CBD oil with a 10% cannabidiol concentration could be an ideal gift for a friend or family member who is particularly stressed or suffers from general anxiety; a few drops of Premium Hemp Extract 10 % could reveal themselves quite important!


reduces stress and anxiety: CBD oil as Christmas gift


Premium Hemp Extract 24% - This product meets the needs of our customers using CBD for therapeutic purposes, in high doses, several times a day, to contain or contrast psychophysical states in which CBD is an excellent ally. 

The difference between this oil and the 10% oil lies in the concentration of CBD which is more than doubled, but also, when the concentration of CBD increases, also that of the other cannabinoids present in the oil get higher, except THC which remains obviously in compliance with the laws and regulations.


Premium hemp extract 2400mg CBD


99ONE CBD Crystals – CBD Crystals are a high quality product and represent probably the most efficient and healthy way of consuming and appreciating the properties of CBD: there is no combustion. Enecta Crystals are extracted from Cannabis Sativa L. and subsequently purified to 99%.



Try 99ONE CBD Crystals as a Christmas present – CBD Crystals are a high quality product


Make your Christmas really special and give Enecta as a gift! To know more about it, don’t hesitate to contact us, write an e-mail to or  leave a message through our Social Media Channels, on our Facebook page or Instagram; the Enecta Team will be at your disposal and will support you to satisfy all your needs!