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Enecta, 150 hectares of Cannabis cultivated in the Veneto Region

Geschrieben von Adriana Gianota am 06.05.2019

Enecta, 150 hectares of Cannabis cultivated in the Veneto Region

Italy’s holding all the cards to become an excellence of Therapeutic Cannabis at National and International Level”

Enecta is investing in Italy, 150 will be the hectares of Cannabis cultivated in the province of Vicenza, with the participation of farmers and local producers. This will be one of the biggest fields ever created in Italy for this type of cultivation.

Specialised in the extraction of active principles from Cannabis, Enecta in collaboration with Green Valley, will develop fields on which the following varieties will be processed: Futura 75, Santhica 27 and Finola.

Green Valley as an agricultural company, will be official partner of Enecta in this project, set up in 2017, Green Valley conducted a research project on the optimisation of agronomical techniques for the cultivation of Cannabis sativa L.  in collaboration with CREA-CI,  research Centre of Cereal cultivation and Industrial crops of the Council of research in agriculture and analysis of agricultural economy.

Green Valley and Enecta invested in the development of new models of mechanisation for the cultivation phases, for harvesting, handling and storage, in order to improve the yield, the speeding-up of the processes and the safety of the crop.

These techniques will be adopted during the season, both in the phases of cultivation and of harvesting, as one of the objectives of the project is to develop a modern and proficient model which is capable of improving and maximising the handling and harvesting of the final product.

The fields used for the cultivations were selected in the previous months, without the use of pesticides, following the protocols of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP).

“Italy - Jacopo Paolini, CSO of Enecta, stated in a note – is holding all the cards to become a centre of excellence of Therapeutic cannabis at the global level. Today, the market, including the Italian one, is dominated by foreign companies. This is a contradiction if we think about the many excellencies in the agricultural and medical fields present in our country. The investment we are making today, in spite of the difficulties and the context of economic crisis, demonstrates that we believe in the capabilities of Italy, and we are convinced that it can become, in the next couple of years, a leading country in Therapeutic Cannabis".