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CBD Oil, discovering Enecta Premium Hemp Extract 24%

Geschrieben von Enecta Editorial Staff am 26.03.2019

CBD Oil, discovering Enecta Premium Hemp Extract 24%

Premium Hemp Extract 24% CBD oil is a product created in order to give a tangible response to the requirements of customers needing or preferring to consume cannabidiol (CBD) by using a reduced number of drops of oil.

Enecta CBD oil, in fact, is available in three different concentrations of cannabidiol and Premium Hemp Extract 24% is the one with the highest concentration.

All CBD oils from the Enecta product range derive from cold-pressed hemp seed oil, containing cannabidiol (CBD), terpenes, vitamin E and other hemp molecules naturally present in the extract. The only difference between the three types of Enecta CBD oil is the concentration of cannabidiol.

The bottles contain 10 ml with three different quantities; 2400 mgs in the case of Premium Hemp Extract 24%.

Just like the other oils of the Premium Hemp Extract range, the 24% CBD oil allows very varied modes of use and meet different requirements. According to the needs, in fact, some prefer to take a reduced quantity of cannabidiol, while other individuals require a product containing a higher dosage, like in the case of Premium Hemp Extract 24%.

On the other hand, many people consider the palatability of the intake related to the quantity.  For example, some prefer to take 8 drops of 3% CBD oil, while others prefer to use just one drop, but of our 24% CBD oil. In this case brought as an example, the quantity of cannabidiol is the same, but in the first situation 8 drops are taken, while in the second just one drop is enough.

Why choose Premium Hemp Extract 24%

Premium Hemp Extract 24% CBD oil is, in general, utilised to fully obtain the action of cannabidiol in modulating our endocannabinoid system, in order to dissolve a condition of chronic pain, of severe stress or to accompany a therapy prescribed by the doctor to cope with specific pathologies.  

This is the case of cannabidiol as a support to cancer patients, as it is capable of mitigating the symptoms affecting individuals who undergo chemotherapy.

Cannabis and the single cannabinoids, in fact, have been studied for the treatment of nausea and vomit.

According to one of the first studies aimed on investigating the use of cannabis in the oncological field, cannabinoids used to treat the adverse side effects of chemotherapy showed to be more effective that antiemetics.

ln 2010 on the pages of the British Journal of Pharmacology the results were published of a study conducted by researchers of the Department of Psychology and Collaborative Neuroscience Program, at the University of Guelph, in Canada.

According to the authors, there is substantial evidence that the manipulation of the endocannabinoid system, can be capable of controlling the sensation of nausea. The antiemetic effect of cannabinoids has been demonstrated on some animals: the action on the CB1 receptors would lead to suppressing the sensation of having to vomit.

In particular, the primary non-psychotropic compound of cannabis, cannabidiol (CBD), suppresses also nausea and vomit in limited dosages. In addition, it has been demonstrated that CBD has a first-order role and leads to excellent results when it is administered to individuals with severe forms of epilepsy. “Some patients, affected by epileptic disorders, had noteworthy benefits from the therapy with cannabinoids” Pasquale Striano, Doctor in Paediatric Neurology and Muscle Disorders at the paediatric hospital ”G.Gaslini” in Genova, affirmed in this interview,.

Enecta extracts its CBD and its cannabinoids from cannabis plants grown on organic and certified lands. The CBD oils offered by Enecta are produced according to the regulations of the  GMP, Good Manufacturing Practices protocol, which contains rules, indications and guide lines to be followed in order to guarantee the quality of a pharmaceutical product or of pharmacologically active substances. 

Enecta offers a wide range of products containing cannabidiol; crystals and cbd oils in various concentrations, cosmetic products and many others. In order to purchase Premium Hemp Extract 24%, you just go to this page of the Enecta site, you select what you desire, you click on the icon representing the cart and then follow the process of “checkout”, point at which payment is requested.

For payment it is possible to use both credit card and bank transfer. If you opt for bank transfer it will be necessary to send the payment receipt by e-mail to the Enecta customer care.