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Enecta, Exam anxiety? Try CBD (Cannabidiol)!

Geschrieben von Enecta Editorial Staff am 13.06.2018

Enecta, Exam anxiety? Try CBD (Cannabidiol)!



Baccalaureate exams or the summer session of university exams getting nearer?

Many individuals, in view of the arrival of these important appointments might be caught by a strong anxiety state which can arrive at inhibiting intellectual performance and affecting memory and concentration!

However, the good news is that there is a way to tackle this anxiety state and deal with the upcoming examinations in the best of ways. Let’s see how!

The first suggestion is to avoid studying until the very last moment, which could be an element contributing to the amplification of anxiety and to confusing the topics studied.  

Before answering a question, breathe deeply and grant yourself some seconds, this is a very useful way to moderate anxiety!

The more one tries to hide anxiety, the bigger it becomes, so in presence of a professor you can admit suffering from stress; this will help you to reduce it and face the exam more serenely.

The fourth suggestion is to avail yourself of a valid ally, which allows us to face our examinations in the best of ways; this ally could certainly be CBD which, thanks to its characteristics, has the capability of easing anxiety states significantly.


The role of cannabis and CBD

Many of us try to find their relief from stress and from general anxiety states with Cannabis, however, taking Cannabis in its entirety could have the effect of increasing anxiety in certain individuals!

This is due to THC, which, unlike CBD has, besides a potential curative effect, also a psychoactive effect on our organism; hence the hypothesis put forward by research that in some individuals it tends to increase anxiety states.

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Why CBD?

CBD, unlike THC, hasn’t got any psychoactive effect on our organism, but acts on our muscular and nervous systems, creating a state of relaxation, while maintaining the mind perfectly clear.

Our suggestion is to take Premium Hemp Extract 3% or 10% on a regular and constant basis during the entire phase of exam preparation, in order to recuperate an ideal psychophysical state and reach the day of examinations without too much stress!

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