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Enecta talks about: “Keeping fit with Free Fitness Bologna”

Geschrieben von Enecta Editorial Staff am 27.06.2018

Enecta talks about: “Keeping fit with Free Fitness Bologna”



Free Fitness Bologna is a concept created with the goal to remain in good shape, by practicing sports, a Community with the interesting characteristic that it is free of charge, and in fact, if you want to participate, you only have to  be in the possession of good will.

The idea was created by Enecta who, in collaboration with the Gym SioSi Fitness Club Bologna and the Ice cream parlour GardenBO, proposes a fixed appointment each Tuesday and Thursday in the Giardini Margherita Park, spending an hour and a half in the open air  in the name of Sports and Wellbeing.

An already consolidated and popular format  in Northern Europe: Fitness Freaks meeting in a spontaneous way to organize self-managed workout sessions, open to everybody and free of charge. Healthy values, the same in which we believe!


In this first article dedicated to FreeFitness we meet Michele Baroni, degree in Motor Sciences, one of the instructors leading and programming the workout sessions for all participants.  

“FreeFitness is a very valid initiative – Michele states – because it offers these open air group courses free of charge, which, besides putting people in contact from a social point of view, also stimulates practicing sports activities two times a week ".

How do you programme your workouts? 

“When I make the project of a workout, I keep in mind that I am dealing with a very heterogeneous group, with different training levels, so we try to propose exercises which stimulate the more trained“ until they drop ”but can at the same time be performed, in an adequate manner, by the less trained. In this way each individual remains satisfied by his/her workout and will happy to participate the next time as well".


Could you give us an example of a FreeFitness session? 

“The workouts are structured in a warming-up phase, in which we run and do some exercises to improve the functionality of the upper and lower limbs, then a central part of mini circuits, often with fixed times, to enable everybody to perform the exercise with the intensity he/she can handle, and finally a last part, which comprises stretching, fundamental to recover from the physical effort”.

Michele, how important is it to make sports activities a constant practice in our daily lives, in which many of us often have e sedentary lifestyle?

“It is utmost important to practise a sport, especially in a constant manner, Science demonstrates how Sports activities performed two times a week, gives truly important psychophysical benefits!”


Why participate Free Fitness?

“I think people should participate FreeFitness not just because it is free of charge, but also because it is a way to make new friends and at the same time keep in good shape!” 


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