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Enecta tells stories of CBD “I resolved my problems of psoriasis”

Geschrieben von Enecta Editorial Staff am 18.05.2018

Enecta tells stories of CBD “I resolved my problems of psoriasis”



In our column dedicated to testimonies of consumers and of how CBD  has contributed to a significant improvement in their health states, revealing itself in certain cases the key to complete recovery, we now talk about how cannabidiol can be effective in contrasting psoriasis.

Francesca V., has been fighting psoriasis for years now and in Premium Hemp Extract has found a valid ally to contrast it.

“With CBD I’ve resolved my problems with psoriasis, which has oppressed me for about twelve year now”, she begins during our encounter.

What is Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a chronical inflammation of the skin, not contagious and not infectious. Usually psoriasis manifests itself as areas with rash, characterized by red patches with silvery scales, caused by an abnormal thickening of the corneous layer of the skin.

The areas of the body generally most affected are elbows, knees, hands, tailbone, scalp and feet.  
Which are the causes?

The causes can be linked to genetics, environmental factors, can be of emotional and physical nature and in some cases can also be caused my medical drugs.

A lifestyle characterized by smoking, alcohol, obesity, stress and an improper diet certainly favours psoriasis. Individuals with a high rate of Body Mass have a higher risk of developing it.  
Francesca’s testimony

“I got to know about Cannabis for therapeutic purposes for the first time through a friend of mine, who had used it during a cycle of chemotherapy. Many people have often bad opinions regarding the argument, which are the result of lack of information on the subject, if you ask me.

“I did a lot of research especially on CBD and its benefits – Francesca tells us – and decided to try it. I used, on the advice of a friend, Premium Hemp Extract 10%”.
How much Oil did you use?

"To get relief from my psoriasis I used ten drops a day. The Oil has been able to resolve the problem, where the cortisone creams I had used on prescription up to that moment, had failed.

“It was a problem that gave me a lot of anxiety for a long time, both physically and mentally – concludes Francesca, telling her story – and I can’t thank Enecta enough for having created this product which allowed me to obtain this extraordinary result”.    


Interview by Giuseppe Cantelmi

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