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Enecta: When a mission meets business; low prices, high quality!

Geschrieben von Raquel Bonifacia am 16.04.2018

Enecta: When a mission meets business; low prices, high quality!



Are your wondering why you can find as many different prices as products on the CBD market and you sometimes get confused on price/quality ratio; how do you actually know that what you get is the best value in terms of quality?  

We cannot give you an objective answer to that, but we can tell you why we offer you the lowest prices possible for the highest quality you can find on the market


The first thing one of the co-founders told me when I started working for Enecta was: “We have a mission, we want to get CBD to as many people as possible!”

What did he mean? Not that we had to make as much money as possible, but that cannabis extracts must become available for each and every person needing or wanting to use it to improve their quality of life.




We love Mother Nature and want to respect and protect her.
The Hemp plant has many aspects favourable to Mother Nature (you can read more about it on our blog -

Our Cannabis plants are grown on organic lands according to their natural life cycle, without the use of fertilizers and pesticides and under strict monitoring of the Enecta Team.


We are a team of professionals with very different backgrounds and a shared goal: helping people to live better, whichever health situation they start from.

This is why we love working with cannabis extracts; its innumerable benefits aren’t limited to people only, the hemp plant has many positive options for us to express our human habits in a more eco-sustainable way.


There are many ways of making money and also much less risky ways.
We follow and monitor the entire production chain, parting from the selection of seeds, proceeding with the cultivation of our Cannabis Sativa L. plants, then passing on to harvesting, drying, extracting, preparation of the final products and ending up with the delivery of our products to our customers, with a watchful eye on every step.

We want to make a name connected to quality and reliability and we also want to help Cannabis getting rid of its bad reputation!




To all those who want to know more about CBD and its characteristics or about research studies on specific diseases: we can be contacted for any information requested. We also supply references of physicians who can help you with your specific issues.


We work on projects in collaboration with Universities for research purposes and with non-profit Associations, we supply them of our products during their empiric search for a better quality of life supplying.
We don’t want to convince you to buy our products, because many of you already do.

We just wanted to express the “why’s and how’s” giving us the opportunity to make a difference.

Our approach is holistic; we’re all connected and …

                           WHEN “I” IS REPLACED BY “WE”

Do you want to know more Enecta and our products, then don’t hesitate to contact your Enecta Sales reference or write to