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Vaporizing CBD: five benefits of vapour

Geschrieben von Enecta Editorial Staff am 20.06.2019

Vaporizing CBD: five benefits of vapour

For many individuals Vaporizing is not as “attractive” as the classical way of smoking, however it is a practice spreading rapidly amongst the consumers; amongst those looking for an alternative way of appreciating the characteristics of Cannabis and its extracts, parting from CBD (Cannabidiol).

Which are the five principle benefits of Vaporizing?



The first benefit connected to the use of a vaporizer is without a doubt the one that regards our health: Cannabinoids evaporate, there is no combustion, the vapour does not contain tar, carbon monoxide or other toxins present in cigarette smoke.

Vapour is therefore a lot healthier than cigarette smoke;  just think of the fact that when you use Cannabis with tobacco, the major part of the cannabinoids are destroyed by the combustion process, while on the contrary with vaporisation we find almost the totality of the cannabinoids still present in the vapour we inhale. 


With a Vaporiser you can control the dosage in a rather precise way. A quantity as big as a grain of rice is enough to obtain a good result. With “a good result” is intended the optimum quantity of vapes which can be translated in a good performance.

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vaporizing cannabis and cbd



Your home will not have that bad smell of cigarette smoke anymore and neither will your clothes; no tar and other chemical substances, so “welcome back clean air!”. Vapour is dispersed in the environment in a few moments and is therefore only noticeable for those finding themselves near to a “smoker”.


Improvements in the pulmonary function

According to a research study conducted in 2010, individuals passing from classical smoking to the use of vaporizers, after a month have an improvement in the state of health of their lungs equal to those quitting smoking completely!

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CBD and Vaporisation 

The vaporisation process has a wide field of application in the area of Medical Cannabis and CBD. With CBD Crystals it is possible to appreciate Cannabidiol in its purest and healthiest form, giving our psychophysical system a generalized sense of wellbeing while eliminating the combustion processes as well, of which the possible problems for our health are already well known.

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