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Enecta's Personal Trainer interview: "Free Fitness is an innovative idea"

Geschrieben von Enecta Editorial Staff am 02.07.2018

Enecta's Personal Trainer interview:



Today's blog discusses our meeting with Free Fitness. We met with Isacco, a personal trainer, currently working in Bologna's Siosi Fit Club.
Free Fitness is the brainchild of Enecta that, in collaboration with the SioSi Fitness Club and the GardenBO Gelato, meets up every Tuesday and Thursday at the Margherita Gardens to spend an hour and a half outdoors.

"For me it's a novelty - says Isaac - I think it's an innovative and stimulating idea, especially for people who do not attend gyms."

How do you structure your workouts?

We start with a general warm-up followed by forty minutes of high intensity training, and end with stretching.

Many people ask us how the workouts are structured, can you give us a practical example?

The workouts are structured with 30 seconds on and 10 seconds off, including planks, standing oblique twists, criss crosses, squats and lunges. We then follow on with front squats, side lifts, over head lunges, curls, and sit-ups.



What is the level of training you have found among the participants and what is the goal to be achieved?

Many clients are between beginner and advanced, and their goal is often just learning how to do basic exercises correctly and improve resistance.

Today we talk a lot about the importance of doing sports...

Is very important! It helps to control stress and gives a state of general well-being.

Another non-secondary aspect is that related to nutrition, can we give some practical advice to our users?

Nutrition is fundamental. Often there are people who want to lose weight. My advice is to eat smaller meals throughout the day rather than going to an extreme and not eating (for example).

Why should people participate in Free Fitness Bologna?

It is a great way to introduce yourself to the world of fitness both for beginners and for those who like to train outdoors with the opportunity to meet new people!


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