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Five Benefits of CBD on Anxiety

Geschrieben von Enecta Editorial Staff am 18.10.2017

Five Benefits of CBD on Anxiety



CBD, a natural substance found in the marijuana plant, is easily extractable and has a wide variety of uses. Although some sufferers of anxiety are put off CBD due to its association with THC – the component of cannabis that makes you 'high', it actually can be very beneficial. Here's how: 

1 - It can allieviate physical symptoms

As many sufferers will already know, anxiety is an illness that stretches well beyond the mind. CBD has been shown to alleviate some common physical symptoms, such as headaches, nausea, and muscle tension. 

2 - It can improve mood

As CBD is not psychoactive, It can also improve mood whilst relieving symptoms – when CBD is consumed, transmission of serotonin signals in the brain are increased, therefore reducing anxiety and making the user feel happier.

3 - It can reduce 'learned' fears

Studies have also shown that CBD can reduce 'learned' fears - those that we inhabit over time through our social surroundings, for example through verbal warnings or by watching others.

4 - It can reduce social anxiety

CBD has also been shown to reduce social anxiety, where people fear being judged or have a long lasting fear of social situations. Studies such as this, in which participants were given a simulation public speaking test,  have shown that those in the study who were exposed to CBD had a significant decrease in anxiety, as well as higher levels of self-confidence whilst delivering their speeches.

5 - It can improve sleep quality 

Anxiety and sleeping disorders such as insomnia often go hand in hand, but the good news is that CBD can indirectly improve sleep quality due to its aforementioned ability to reduce anxiety, overall leading to benefits such as improved sleep duration and less time spent falling asleep.

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Laura Moya