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Hemp, the Holistic Plant for an Eco-Sustainable World

Geschrieben von Raquel Bonifacia am 16.03.2018

Hemp,  the Holistic Plant for an Eco-Sustainable World

In the article “HOLISTIC PREVENTION” the beneficial properties of Hemp have already been pointed out and we were able to see how they reach far beyond benefits exclusively related to the health of Human Beings and also include our Environment, we so much harass. In this article we will talk about the wider holistic values of the whole plant; those able to help us to safeguard Mother Earth and become more “eco-sustaining” and “eco-logical” Beings.


Parting from its roots and reaching its seeds, we will make a short and surely non-exhaustive exploratory trip in this marvellous “Hempscape”.


The roots, we can drink as a decoction or use in a warm wrap on painful parts, having important anti-inflammatory effects, also possesses the wonderful characteristic of reclaiming polluted lands; they assimilate the toxic substances present in the soil and thus clear and also nourish the land (the technique which uses plants to clean polluted lands is called phytoremediation).

Fibre and cellulose present in the stem can be treated to obtain a vast variety of products: textiles (upholstery fabrics, clothing, accessories, bags, shoes etc.), paper products – which save both trees and environment having transformation processes with a minor polluting impact than trees have -, building material like bricks, cement, putty, insulation etc.,  “bio-plastics” for the construction of boats, automobiles, bikes, musical instruments and as a biodegradable alternative to plastic packaging used for foods. Research is in progress to obtain biodiesel from Hemp, which currently has as the only disadvantage the very high costs of transformation from plant into fuel.

Apart from being consumed as herbal teas, in salads and as an alternative for tobacco, without psychoactive effects, the leaves of Medical Cannabis during the process of photosynthesis removes 4 times more CO2 from the air than trees do.  The fast growth and the high yields make this quality extremely interesting for deforested areas, for example.

The flower tops of Hemp contain resinous parts which can be extracted to form essential oils, interesting component of soothing balms, but also a protection for the plant itself, used to keep its “natural enemies” away. This characteristic, moreover, puts Cannabis in the position of protector of crops, making it possible to use less pesticides and thus to keep the soils, the water and the air cleaner.

From the seeds we can obtain flour with high-protein contents (all essential aminoacids are present in the seeds) and oil which isn’t used only in the food industry but is also a perfect basis for cosmetic products and industrial products like paints in general, oil paints, inks, solvents, lubricants etc.
We can therefore state with certainty that Hemp nourishes, purifies, protects and cures not only Human Beings but also the Environment in which they live and this makes Cannabis a great ally in the protection of Mother Earth and of any form of life present on the Planet.
Can we stop boycotting Hemp now, can we?
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