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How can you determine the right cannabidiol oil dose?

Geschrieben von Statt Enecta am 24.11.2016

How can you determine the right cannabidiol oil dose?


Cannabidiol oil or CBD oil is a healthy hemp oil that anyone can use. Some like it because it is full of anti-oxidants, and because cannabidiol is believed to help in keeping you healthy by allowing your endocannabinoid system to perform its regulatory function of balancing physical processes efficiently.

Others have more serious issues. They’re trying to combat extreme nausea, they have pain problems, or they suffer from anxiety. People are using cannabidiol for a host of health problems, even when research is still in its very early stages, and scientific protocols for use are lacking.

In addition, everyone is different. So, for example, the right cannabidiol dose for my migraines, may not be the right one for yours.

Only you can know what the right cannabidiol oil dose is

More isn’t always better. Although you could drink a whole bottle of cannabidiol oil without any ill effects if you wanted to, there’s not much point in doing that, because your body would only take up and use as much as it needs. You can get information by reading up on other people’s experience, but it might not apply to you.
We usually recommend a process called “up-titration”. Take a small cannabidiol dose (one or two drops) and wait to see if it has the desired effect. If it doesn’t, increase your dose. Use the dropper to track your doses and increase them very slowly from day to day until you feel the relief you’re seeking. Remember to hold your oil under your tongue for at least a minute, and in this case, more (or rather, longer) is better, because you’ll get much quicker absorption into the bloodstream.  

How often should you take it?

Because people use cannabidiol oil for so many reasons, this also varies greatly. Some people just use it occasionally when they feel the need, others take it once a day, and some people take it twice or even three times a day. Again, a process of trial and error will help you to determine what’s right for you.

Choose a predictable and reliable product

One of the problems that some people experience is that CBD oil products are variable when suppliers don’t exercise vigilant quality control. At Enecta, we’ve solved that problem by ensuring that a laboratory tests our products thoroughly. You can get lab reports on each batch, but you’ll find that they’re remarkably consistent because of our choice of material and our extraction process.
When buying CBD oil, remember to check how much CBD is in the product. Some oils contain very low concentrations of CBD, so if you are taking them for the sake of the CBD, you would have to use more oil to get the same effect.

Would you like some advice?

If you’re looking for specific advice, you are welcome to try out the knowledge we’ve gained through experience by contacting us about your circumstances and cannabidiol dose. If we think we have come across parallels in the past, we’ll be sure to pass on the information.