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How to Choose an E-cigarette Device

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The popularity of e-cigarettes has been rising in the past few years, and today, almost everybody has vapes in their pockets. Many decided to take up an e-cigarette device as a way to quit smoking, or they just liked the vape style. Regardless of the reason you’ve decided to get an e-cig, choosing one can be challenging. There are so many options and manufacturers to pick from, so we created a small guide that will help with your search for an e-cigarette.

What is an E-cigarette

An e-cigarette is a device with which you can stimulate smoking and deliver nicotine without inhaling other harmful substances and products that are found in real cigarettes. According to some studies, e-cigarettes are safer than other tobacco products by 95%. This is one of the reasons why people are switching to e-cigs as a step to quitting smoking.

E-cigarettes come in many forms and sizes, but they all work in a similar way. Every e-cig has a mouthpiece, cartridge, atomizer, microprocessor, and battery. The basic principle of work is next: the atomizer heats the e-juice which then transforms into vapor. The vapor has the taste of the e-liquid and is inhaled by the user. Depending on the type, some have a button you need to press before inhaling, and some have a light at the end that mimics a real cigarette.

Types of E-cigarettes

E-cigarettes can be in different sizes, but they mainly can be categorized as disposable, refillable e-cig, and Mods (modified e-cigarettes).

Disposable e-cigarettes

Cig-A-Like models are quite popular because they look a lot like real cigarettes. They’re small and compact and have a light diode that glows at the end to simulate a cigarette. You can’t change the e-liquor, but you can change the cartridge, and because of their size, their battery usually lasts for a day or two!

Refillable E-cigarettes

Bigger than the disposable e-cig, refillable is a better option from an economic point of view. They have stronger vapor and the battery lasts longer than the cig-a-like, so they’ll need less recharging. You don’t need to buy the whole cartridge, just the e-liquid. There are a variety of liquids in different tastes that you might enjoy, so explore your options!


Mods are variable voltage e-cigarettes - bigger than both refillable and cig-a-likes, so they have a longer battery life as well. MODs can be more expensive, but they produce more vapor. In addition, you can adjust the temperature of the vapor, the airflow, or the wats. Another advantage is that you can change the atomizer instead of buying a new mod. Some of the mods have extra features, so they are usually recommended for people that already have experience with e-cig devices. 

E-liquor and Levels of Nicotine

Along with your e-cig type, you’ll need to choose your e-liquor. E-liquor or liquor comes in a variety of flavors and nicotine levels. Vanilla is the best option if you like an alternative tobacco flavor, but you can also experiment with other, more exotic tastes, and see what you like best.

E-liquors contain propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) that can affect taste: PG holds the flavor longer, while VG makes the vape less irritating.

Many smokers love the scratchy feeling in their throats, also known as a throat hit. E-cig devices tend to capture the feeling of smoking real cigarettes, so they also provide a throat hit. By controlling the level of nicotine and vapor you inhale, you can also regulate the throat hit to a level that you like. 

Every e-cig company has its own juice and the levels of nicotine are not the same. Usually, companies will have charts about the levels of nicotine in their products:

0% - no nicotine

0.6% (6mg) – for ultra-light smokers  

12% (12mg) – matches light cigarettes

18% (18mg) – for regular smokers

2.4% (24mg) – ideal for rolled tobacco users

3.6% (36mg) – for heavy smokers


Cartage and Systems

The cartage is basically the place where you insert the liquid juice. Most e-cigarettes allow you to change your e-liquid by yourself, while others have a ‘closed system’ and can’t be refilled. If you buy an e-cigarette where you can change your e-liquid, you will be able to choose the taste you like, and save money, as you’ll buy only the liquid.

E-cigarettes with ‘closed systems’ usually have pods or cartridges that contain e-liquid for a short period of time, like a day or two. Even though this type of e-cigarette is easy to use, the fact that you can’t refill or change your e-liquor is a big disadvantage. The pods cost more than the e-liquor, so eventually, it will cost you more money.

Battery Life

Another important thing to pay attention to when you choose an e-cig is battery life. The size of the battery can be used as an indicator of their lifespan - the bigger the battery - the longer they last. Even though small batteries are more suitable for carrying around, they need to be recharged more often. Most of the disposal e-cig have batteries that can be used 2- 4 hours constantly, or a day or two, depending on your needs. 

Refillable e-cig on the other hand, often comes with a 650mAh battery. You can use them continuously for 4-6 hours, and mods usually have a replaceable battery. Their battery is significantly bigger and can last up from 8-10 hours.

Choose a Supplier

After you’ve found the type of e-cig that suits you best, you’ll need to check your supplier. Every supplier has its own flavor and spare parts which can be incompatible with other manufacturers’ parts, so if you need a new liquid or battery, check to see if they’re supported by your e-cigarette.  

Also, ask if your supplier will give you a warranty to ensure that even if there’s something wrong with the device, they can change it or fix it.

E-cigarettes can be a great way to quit smoking, but you can also get some nicotine liquid if you like the experience. After all, the most important thing is to find an e-cig that you like and you enjoy. So sit back, puff away, and quit those real cigs!

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