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Making it through the winter with the concepts of traditional chinese medicine and CBD

Geschrieben von Raquel Bonifacia am 19.02.2018

Making it through the winter with the concepts of traditional chinese medicine and CBD



We will again talk about Traditional Chinese Medicine and about how to sustain ourselves to live through the winter season in a balanced way. We will specifically talk about the Water Element, to better comprehend the health imbalances of the “cold and humid winter” and about natural products which can support us.



Each element  s connected to a primary emotion - Water - Fear

As already mentioned in the article about the Metal Element, according to the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) our psycho-physical-emotional characteristics (both “fixed” and “temporary”) can be an indication of predispositions and generate states of imbalance which are treated according to the notions on the Five Elements: WOOD, FIRE, EARTH, METAL, WATER.  

The concept which more than any other one connects the Modern Holistic Approach to TCM is that “the cure is focalized on the person and not on the sick part” and this not in a unilateral and specialized way, but with a 360° approach.



The Kidney Meridian. Important point to treat for sustaining and strengthen the organism : R1; for seasonal issues: R3

The Water element is connected to the cold, “watery” winter season, in which nature is  apparently stationary and of low vitality. Its function is to stock and conserve both energy supplies, condensed in autumn and life experiences, memories, thus giving us the possibility to assimilate them and render them usable for our daily wellbeing and our evolutionary growth.

The Water element slows down dispersive energy movements in the wintertime and focalizes on the purification of our body fluids, supports our bone marrow, which produces white and red blood cells, and strengthens our bones, storage of calcium, all of fundamental importance for the health and vitality of our body, made out of solid and liquid parts. Taking care of our Vital Essence  in this period of cold and frost allows us to “be reborn” strong and healthy like an Almond Flower in the Spring.

Key words of this element are STORAGE – of the energy we need, to prepare ourselves on a new lifecycle, leading our  movements from the surface into our inner self, purifying our body fluids (blood, lymph), eliminating waste liquids, (RE)CONSTRUCTION – of our bone structure and the components of the immune system, two main pillars of a stabile “building”, CIRCULATION – of our body fluids and the vital energy inside our body.


If this element is out of balance, courage, determination and willpower, characteristics of intrinsic harmony, transmute into fear and paranoia, our life force weakens, memory gaps occur, our bones get more fragile, our energy flow slows down, our body fluids thicken, creating retention and accumulation of toxins. As it is easy to understand, a blocked, “gelled” and intoxicated organism is a breeding ground of many kind of disorders in any part of our “holistic body”.

However, the parts of our body most sensible to the winter season are the kidneys, the adrenal glands, the genitourinary system, the bone structure, ears and hair, so if we do’nt take extra care of these parts of the body, bone pain, disorders related to the ear, acute inflammations from cold, inflammations of the urinary tract and fluid retention are some of the health issues which could arise more easily.



Salty is the rebalancing flavour of the Water Element with energy deficiency

To go through the winter season in good shape and in a natural way, we will work on prevention and containment of the seasonal ailments: slow down, dedicate more time to relaxation and pay more loving attention to our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs; do what we feel will support our global balance.

We will eat heat-generating (moderately) salty foods,which sustain and invigorate our kidneys and help our body fluids “melt” and flow better, without dispersion. We will seek seasonal, local products, preferably heated or stewed like legumes, fish, shellfish, algae and small cereals like couscous, bulgur, millet etc.

Furthermore, to “recharge” kidney energy a pack of coarse sea salt, heated in a saucepan, put into a clean cotton sock, for example, and put on the lumbar area works a miracle – and also reliefs pain and tension.

In order to drain, cool down inflammation, reinvigorate and remineralize our organism we can drink a warm herbal tea with  Solidago, Bearberry, and Horsetail, and to relax and rebalance ourselves an infusion of Medical Cannabis buds with high CBD contents does a great job.

Essential oils will help to bring our emotional flows back to their physiological rhythms. For the Water Element we will use essential oils which bring us warmth, reduce inflammations, drain and relax, to stimulate the circulation of the body fluids, ease tensions, contain pain: cinnamon, juniper, cedar wood, black pepper, lavender, lemon.

For states of profound fear, which intensify at the slightest “movement”,  Bach Flower Rescue Remedy could be a very useful vibrational remedy  if taken on a regular and  constant basis.

In conclusion, CBD  can be an excellent ally in soothing states of anxiety and fear related to this Element. Rebalancing and supporting the nervous system, which activates mechanisms of auto-regeneration, is very important to strengthen the bone structure and adnexa (teeth, hair, nails). Improving the moments of nighttime sleep, it increases our vitality and that of our kidneys. This promotes a better management of the winter season and a vigorous rebirth in the spring we will approach with joy of being alive.



Raquel Bonifacia



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