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Stress and anxiety? The answer could lie in Sport and CBD!

Geschrieben von Enecta Editorial Staff am 13.12.2017

Stress and anxiety? The answer could lie in Sport and CBD!



There are times when stress and anxiety can take over daily life, and everyday problems can seem difficult to handle.

What to do? A combination of sport and CBD has been shown to improve how we manage these obstacles:
Running for just 5 minutes a day not only helps us to live longer, it can also delay ageing, and above all favour the production of neurotransmitters such as serotonin and norepinephrine (aka happy hormones). In short: running is a great way to put an edge on anxiety and stress.
A study published in the Journal Psychiatry & Neuroscience also found that physical activity works as a natural anti-depressant, improving memory, reducing stress levels and protecting against the risk of depression in future. In addition, running can also improve quality of sleep.
So what role does CBD play? CBD can be the ideal ally to combat daily stress, as Pierluigi Catalano, Enecta athlete of the Spartan Race, testifies: "I take it in the morning before going to work and at night before going to sleep. In total, I take about 10 to 15 drops a day".

"I focus all my stress on sport” - says Pierluigi - “for me, sport is important for regenerating myself and for eliminating fatigue and negative thoughts”. When I'm excessively tired I think about the post-sport endorphin rush and I find the strength for my daily training session". 

The secret is to focus your energy on the priorities to be addressed. “I try to focus 100% on the most important tasks of my day. Tasks related to both work and sport". 

"I use CBD” - says Pierluigi – “to relieve fatigue and as a great ally against stress-induced headaches".

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Author: Laura Moya