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Taking cannabis oil seriously: Cannabis oil in Holland

Geschrieben von Giuseppe Enecta am 04.11.2016

Taking cannabis oil seriously: Cannabis oil in Holland


If you know anything about cannabis, you’ll know that Holland takes its cannabis industry seriously, and has been doing so for decades.

At first, decriminalization efforts were mainly focused on the recreational market, seeking to implement harm reduction while targeting drugs from illegal sources, but today, we know that medical cannabis use is as valid, if not more so. Cannabis oil in Holland is soaring in popularity as recreational users and medical cannabis users try to avoid the dangers of smoking.

Because it’s not an underground industry, cannabis oil in Holland is produced safely, with none of the abuses we see in news reports from around the world, and particularly the US. And with their insistence on scientific techniques in the production of plant-based products, particularly those from cannabis, Dutch consumers are insisting on nothing by the best.

Cannabis oil in Holland moves from “head shop” to serious medicine

Although most people would associate cannabis in Holland with the iconic coffee shops that serve up buds to their patrons for recreational use, it’s not just the high THC strains that are gaining public attention.

CBD oil from hemp with levels of THC so low that they would not cause a high are being taken seriously as a potential medicine, or at least, a healthful supplement.

Producers are not being reticent about the properties they believe hemp oil may impart. Many websites openly declare that “cannabis cures cancer” a claim that is still far from having been proven scientifically. Although we can respect their enthusiasm and hope they may be right, we will reserve judgement on that score for the time being.

Office of Medicinal Cannabis promotes research into cannabis oil in Holland

Medical cannabis in Holland is regulated by the Office of Medicinal Cannabis, which ensures that medicinal-grade products are produced and distributed to researchers and patients.

This liberal policy is sure to bear fruit for patients and researchers alike, as any amount of reading on the many benefits cannabis oil may have as a treatment for illnesses produces a single conclusion: “more research is needed”.

By contrast, researchers in other parts of the world are severely restricted by the legal status of cannabis and struggle to obtain permission for their research, and the cannabis oil they need in order to conduct it. Can we expect breakthroughs from Dutch researchers? It seems very likely given that a government agency is there to provide support rather than creating obstacles and red tape.


CBD not as tightly regulated as THC

Because CBD hemp oil doesn’t contain enough THC to be used as a mind-altering drug, regulation is much loser, within the confines of product safety.

The Office of Medicinal Cannabis does make one CBD variety available, but the concentration of the cannabinoid is still relatively low. Presumably, health enthusiasts and those who hope cannabinoids may benefit them medicinally are choosing more easily accessible sources.

The case history of CBD cannabis oil in Holland provides an example to other governments around the world. If it’s not a drug, why make a fuss about it?