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The Dangers of Using Illicit CBD Products

Geschrieben von Giuseppe Enecta am 01.02.2021

The Dangers of Using Illicit CBD Products

Cannabidiol, more popularly known as CBD, is gradually making its way into our society, influencing many people's lives. It is a popular compound from the Cannabis family produced in various forms such as edibles, oils, and tinctures. It is commonly marketed in physical and online stores and used widely by humans and pets medicinally and recreationally. 

There is no denying the benefits of CBD products. This is because many kinds of research already confirmed its health and recreational benefits. However, such research centers on proper CBD usage. This is different from illicit CBD products use since they can cause problems many people don't know about. This article will introduce the causes and dangers of using illicit CBD products. 

Causes and Dangers of Using Illicit CBD Product

Illicit CBD products are non-regulated and non-approved products used medicinally and recreationally. They don't adhere to the principles and rules of the regulatory bodies. For example, they are caused by wrong production processes. Below are the causes and dangers of illicit CBD products.

Presence of Contaminants

Illicit CBD products are sometimes made from the wrong CBD production process. Unregulated production processes increase the chance of contamination by other materials. Contaminants present could be solvents, microorganisms, and in some severe cases, herbicides and pesticides.

When consumed, such CBD products are toxic to humans. They could induce adverse health effects like cancer on the reproductive, immune, or nervous systems. They could further work and weaken the immune system. Therefore, they are a very deadly product for people with present health conditions.

For example, illicit CBD products will weaken the immunity of someone undergoing chemotherapy with an already compromised immune system.

Allergic Reactions

Allergens can be present anywhere. Therefore, CBD Regulatory Agencies make it compulsory to have a content list containing all CBD product information materials. A complete content list will enable people materials such as bases and other excipients used in the production process. 

Unfortunately, in illicit CBD products, there is a sort of shadiness in their content. For example, in some illicit CBD products, there is an omission of the materials used. Also, some illegal CBD products do not even have a list of materials used. This leaves the users to a broad guess. When people use these products, there is a high chance they can have mild or severe allergic reactions due to allergens.

Reactions observed could range from itching (pruritus) when ingested to body splotches and redness when used topically. Some people could even experience an anaphylactic shock when they consume allergens. This shows the lethal effect of using illicit CBD products since CBD Regulatory Agencies cannot verify their contents.

Inaccurate Dosing

Legally made CBD products obtained in the right place all have the right CBD concentration inscribed on them. These properties make it easy to self-dose. For example, people relate more to CBD edibles because they know their concentration and can take them without a problem.

With legal CBD products, there is no need to measure anything. There is also no need to overthink because the accurate and pre-measured dose is on the pack.

However, this might not be so with illicit CBD. Aside from the product's uncertain safety, one has no idea what measurements were used and the accuracy of such doses. Blindly trusting those products could lead to overdosing, which may bring on a series of unsavory side effects such as severe diarrhea, nausea, lethargy, and extreme drowsiness.

Consuming THC in Large Quantities

Tetrahydrocannabinol, also referred to as THC, is another chemical constituent found in Cannabis. Unlike CBD, THC is responsible for the 'high' feeling when used. Typically, the THC component should not be in large quantities. Therefore, many CBD products have little to a specified percentage of THC. 

Since illicit CBD products are not regulated, there is a high chance that they may contain large quantities of THC. A high THC percentage can lead to adverse side effects, including memory loss, anxiety, and coordination problems. 

Total Ineffectiveness

While many people are skeptical about it, CBD has a wide range of importance and advantages. These advantages are why people seek to purchase and use CBD in various forms. Some people may buy illicit CBD products that may not have adequate medical and recreational benefits to save costs. However, there is a high tendency they could be ineffective.


When making choices, especially health-related decisions, one must consider the pros and cons of those choices. Authentic CBD products are not inexpensive. But given its benefits, it is worth it. Illicit CBD products may be pocket-friendly now, but at what cost?