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CBD products, the questions most frequently asked by consumers!

Geschrieben von Lorenz Wacker am 22.01.2018

CBD products, the questions most frequently asked by consumers!


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The Enecta Team commits itself to supplying prompt and concrete answers and information to its customers – consumers, to enable them to purchase products in a conscious way and receive clear information on the world of CBD.

One of the most frequently asked questions is about CBD Oil, how to take it? How many drops to take of it?

The most common way to consume CBD is releasing a few drops under the tongue and keeping it there for a minute before  swallowing. Some people consume CBD oil in their food; a portion of CBD passes the stomach without being affected by gastric acids, rendering the oil an effective and valid product.

The second question “How much to take of it?” on the other hand, cannot be answered in the same straightforward way; the reasons are many: first of all we are not talking about a drug, which has a precise prophylaxis for use; two drops or four drops can give very different effects from one person to another. For this reason there is no precise indication in Italy on the quantity of drops (i.e. milligrams)  to take of CBD.
Furthermore, metabolism of CBD, being involved in many physiological processes as a modulator of other systems and not just the endocannabinoid system,  is extremely subjective. Observing oneself is the right answer, starting with a few drops and finding the dosage that meets best with one’s individual needs. It should be clear that when CBD is used for specific illnesses, it is important and always advised to consult a doctor.
One question reaching us frequently from our Social Media Channels regards the possibility to “smoke” CBD, as an alternative to CDB rich Hemp oil.

Yes, our CBD can also be taken by means of an apposite electronic cigarette for e-liquids thanks to Ambrosia, an e-liquid without nicotine, available in three different flavours and three different CBD concentrations. The different concentrations gives you the possibility to select the product according to your own needs or to how much you vape daily.

We could divide “Vapers” in different categories; some use Vaping to simply relax, appreciating the benefits of CBD best, another group of vapers are ex-smokers; many of them turn to Vaping and hence to CBD to try and fight their addiction to cigarettes.

A new concept that is recently emerging is Vape-therapy, which means the use of  Vaping by people suffering from headaches, anxiety, generalized stress or slight aches and pains, like for example backaches after a long bike trip or a day of trekking.

There are also many consumers asking us how to use our 99ONE Crystals best. To Vape Crystals in a correct and efficient way, one must have a good-quality vaporizer with temperature control. 

To obtain an optimum performance, Crystals should be vaporized between 160° and 180°C to avoid the risk of burning them on the one hand and not vaporizing them sufficiently on the other. A quantity as big as a grain of rice is enough to obtain a good result, meaning: more vapes and hence great performance.

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