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Enecta CBD (Cannabidiol) Crystals, why choose them?

Geschrieben von Enecta Editorial Staff am 04.04.2018

Enecta CBD (Cannabidiol) Crystals, why choose them?



Enecta CBD Crystals are a product characterized by its quality and probably represent the most effective and healthy way to consume and appreciate the properties of Cannabidiol: there’s no combustion.

In this article we will try and explain why to choose 99ONE Crystals. Today one can find an extremely varied offer of CBD Crystals on the market, which differ by purity, origin and price; elements which each customers takes into consideration at the moment he/she is selecting a product to purchase.

Amongst the customers some use Crystals for therapeutic purposes, others are trying to find an alternative to contrast slight pains, to alleviate situations of stress or general anxiety and others simply search for a moment of relaxation.

The first step in selecting CBD crystals regards the quality of the product and the company producing it and how we can evaluate and ascertain the reliability of a company. Enecta CBD Crystals are extracted from Cannabis Sativa L. and subsequently purified up to a 99%.

Apart from CBD, a small quantity of natural plant terpenes is present in the crystals with the objective to give the product the characteristic flavour of a delicious Cannabis extract.



We from Enecta have made a web portal available to our customers with a space completely dedicated to them, where they can find news, facts and information on the Company and our products.

If you are not satisfied, you can have a closer and more direct encounter in order to take away whichever doubt you might have.

Through our social media channels Facebook and Instagram The Enecta Team replies to your questions and needs in real-time. You can write an e-mail to and ask for a telephone conversation with the Company.  

Another factor of product selection regards the price, a variable in which subjectivity enters the game when about to purchase a product. A very high price is not necessarily a sign of quality and neither can a very low price be interpreted as a great deal, often the contrary is true. 

Enecta CBD Crystals  are presented on the market with a competitive price, however once evaluated all the other variables mentioned above, we suggest to consider the price confronting similar products made by different companies.

Another element to consider might seem of lesser importance but actually is probably the most important one: the provenance of CBD, whether the Company you are considering to purchase your product from handle the entire production process from the initial phase, the cultivation of the Hemp plants, up to the extraction and the production of the finished products.

Enecta follows the entire chain of its own products, from the cultivation of Cannabis Sativa to the extraction of Cannabidiol and up to the realization of the final products ending up on the market.


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