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Enecta farm: bringing safe innovation to the hemp industry

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Enecta was born in 2013. Since then, the company has never stopped growing. 

We launched new products, cultivated more hectares, and started new partnerships.

Yet, as funny as this may sound coming from growers, it’s not all about growth. Let’s rephrase that formula: it’s all about sustainable and socially responsible growth.

That’s why we created Enecta Farm, a way to both innovate and foster the hemp industry.

Hemp Seeds

Why Enecta Farm? The need for a game changer

It’s 2022 and hemp and its derivatives have become mainstream. In many EU countries you can buy CBD cosmetics, vape cbd, or even make bricks out of hemp!

Yet, something’s missing.

More and more people are flocking to our industry with no previous experience on hemp genetics, without knowing the peculiarities of the Cannabis Sativa L.. 

The point is, it’s not their fault! 

The more growers the more the industry itself will grow, but there’s a lack of information, a lack of uniformity that could hinder further improvements in the hemp sector.

We created Enecta Farm to solve this lack of information and standardization in the industry. How?

By becoming the go-to b2b company for transparent, reliable, and certified hemp products, be those seeds, biomass, flowers, or extracts.

Certified hemp seeds

Enecta Farm wants to provide to both new and expert growers the tool towards sustainable growth. 


By working closely with academic researchers, we created two new varieties, both are registered in the Dutch National plant registry, and they will soon be listed in the EU Common Catalogue. 

The importance of certified hemp seeds

That’s our answer to the lack of uniformity and information in the hemp industry. We wanted to create new genetics that would perform in a consistent, stable and profitable way. A certified variety is much more safe for several reasons:

  • Varietal Purity, when you buy a certified hemp seed, you know that what you are getting is what you paid for, no contamination with other crops. 
  • Provenance, you can track certified hemp seeds back to their very origin. The whole supply-chain is thoroughly documented.
  • High germination rate, same as above, in order to certify a seed, you need to provide a genetic that has at least a 70-80% germination, our new strains have a 95% rate.
  • Desired properties, growers buy seeds because of their properties, like the amount of cannabinoids they yield, or their terp profile. These are in turn crucial for the quality of derivative products, such as CBD oils, extracts, and others. However, when you buy a non certified seed, you have no guarantee that you will actually get what you paid for. 

  • All the above points are crucial, as each has been a major flaw in the industry up to now. 

    Biomass, flowers, and extracts

    All of the above also applies to other hemp products, such as biomass and flowers.

    We have gone through a laborious certification process to provide growers genuine products across the whole supply chain.

    The values and qualities that come from certified hemp seeds are passed on to biomass, to flowers, where the fruity and velvety terp profile of our certified genetics comes into play.

    With Enecta Farm growers know exactly what they are getting.

    Sustainable hemp growth

    The hemp market’s growth needs to take into account the above points, if we want it to keep on growing. 

    We want to be able to cross the gray zone wherein hemp has long been relegated.

    Enecta Farm will tackle these issues and it will do that by involving academics, growers, breeders, and other profiles in the process. 

    The main aim is that of providing cost efficient, safe, and stable hemp seeds to the growing community of hemp farmers. 

    With Enecta Farm, growers will always know what they are getting, where it comes from, and who are the people behind each seed. 

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