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Enecta, guide to the correct use of CBD Crystals!

Geschrieben von Enecta Editorial Staff am 17.01.2018

Enecta, guide to the correct use of CBD Crystals!



CBD Crystals represent a category of products on the market of “extracts” which distinguish themselves for their high-level quality. 

Crystals offer the possibility to appreciate CBD in its purest and most healthy form, giving our psycho-physical system a general sense of wellbeing and avoiding the combustion processes we have smoking cigarettes; the awareness of the problems this can create to our health is by now widespread.

Enecta  presents its product “99ONE Crystals”, Crystals extracted from Cannabis Sativa L. and subsequently purified to a 99%. Besides CBD we can also find small quantities of natural plant-terpenes in the Crystals, having the purpose to give the product the characteristic flavour of a Cannabis extract.

How are Crystals used?  In this article we will try and supply you of essential and practical information for the correct use of the product. It’s essential to use the Crystals correctly, in order to avoid the risk of not fully appreciating the extraordinary characteristics and the potential benefits of the product.

Using a Vaporizer we would obtain a maximum performance from our Crystals, and especially for those who use them for the first time it is probably the best method to perceive the effects of Cannabidiol on our organism, when inhaling the vapour.

To obtain an optimum performance it’s necessary to vaporize the crystals between 140° and 180° Celcius, so we don’t risk to burn them or to not heat them enough which would result in not vaporizing them sufficiently.

A quantity as small as a grain of rice heated in the correct way is enough to obtain a great result. With a great result we mean getting the most “vapes (inhalations)” out of the product and obtaining the best possible performance in terms of health benefits.



On the Market we can find portable Bongs and Vaporizers in various price-categories, but we suggest to invest into a high quality product which emphasizes the beneficial properties of the Crystals.

Does Enecta sell vaporizer to “vape” CBD? No. But finding a vaporizer is easy. Once you’ve found one, write to Enecta and try our Crystals or e-liquids, obviously with CBD!

Some consumers use Crystals in their foods as well, for example in pastries; when preparing the dough we simply add our Crystals to it and they will interact with our organism during digestion.

Would you like to receive more information on CBD Crystals? Just write an e-mail to or contact us through our Social Media Pages, write a note on our Facebook page or leave a message on our Instagram profile.