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Enecta presents: 24% CBD Oil

Geschrieben von Raquel Bonifacia am 16.10.2017

Enecta presents: 24% CBD Oil


Enecta presents a new interesting product on the market; Hemp extract with a 24% concentration of Cannabidiol.

We tried to understand more about this new Premium Hemp Extract 24% CBD together with Marco Cappiello, founding partner of the Dutch-Italian Company.

“This product meets the needs of our customers perfectly; many people use CBD in high doses several times a day, contrasting and keeping under control those specific psychophysical conditions against which CBD proves to be a valuable ally to us!”.

Are there any differences between this new product and your 10% CBD oil?

“Obviously the difference lies in the concentration of CBD, which is more than doubled. However, increasing the concentration of CBD also means that the concentrations of the other compounds rise, apart from that of THC, which can’t but remain within the percentage regulated by Law”.



"We were inspired by our own customers in creating this new product, which reflects and reconfirms, as all our products do, the Enecta cornerstones:  assuring a supreme quality product with the best price you can find on the market.  And also in this case, we have been able to achieve this”.

If you want to find out more about Premium Hemp Extract 24% CBD, please write an e-mail to or contact us through our Social media channels, on Facebook or Instagram, and the Enecta Team will be at your complete disposal in supplying you with any further information about the product you might need.