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Enecta, which are the possible side effects of CBD (Cannabidiol) ?

Geschrieben von Enecta Editorial Staff am 12.03.2018

Enecta, which are the possible side effects of CBD (Cannabidiol) ?



One of the questions our customers/consumers often ask is about the possible side effects of CBD. Let’s try and examine them with the support of research studies on the issue conducted thus far.

One “side” effect could be related to an excessive sense of dryness, this is due to the cannabinoid receptors present in the submandibular glands responsible for the production of  saliva.

The activation of these receptors alter the production of saliva, generating  dryness of mouth. Read the mentioned research Here.

A second “side” effect of cannabidiol is a state of over-relaxation and hence of presumed somnolence; this also occurred to individuals vaping too much of high CBD concentrate e-liquids.

In this case, it is recommended for beginning CBD consumers to start with a low quantity of CBD and hence adjust it to meet best with their own needs.



Consuming high quantities of CBD could create a feeling of lightheadedness connected maybe to a drop in blood pressure. In this case it could be enough to drink a cup of tea to make this unpleasant effect disappear.

This case has been studied in a research conducted in England. To know more about it, click Here. In high dosages, CBD could cause drowsiness.

Being a “relaxing agent”, if CBD produces drowsiness in an individual the advice is to avoid driving a vehicle or doing things requiring particular concentration.

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