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Enecta's guide on factors to consider before buying CBG (Cannabigerol)

Geschrieben von Enecta Editorial Staff am 11.07.2018

Enecta's guide on factors to consider before buying CBG (Cannabigerol)



Among the more than 80 cannabinoids discovered so far in Cannabis there is CBG, Cannabigerol, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, which we have already introduced recently. (To learn more, click here).

Enecta has decided to invest in Cannabigerol and in this article we will talk about some elements to take into account before buying CBG online.

Where does the CBG that you intend to buy come from?

It is very important to answer this question before making a purchase. Today on the market, not all companies have products containing Cannabigerol and among those available must be able to make a choice that refers to the real quality of the product.
Surely a company present on the market, which follows the entire supply chain of the product will have a greater credibility and authority. In addition to CBD, Enecta has also decided to invest in CBG by studying, extracting and producing a product which is followed down the entire  production chain to ensure the end user receives a quality result.

The Italian Study on CBG

A study carried out by researchers at  Pharmacy department of the University of Naples Federico II, together with doctors at the Diagnostics department of the Hospital of the Pilgrims of Naples and the researchers of the CNR of Pozzuoli, highlighted the action of CBG in a case of intestinal inflammation, coming to the conclusion that "cannabigerol is a new therapeutic opportunity for those suffering from the pathology indicated."

Further studies are needed to determine what the actual therapeutic potential of CBG is, but we can say that in addition to CBD and THC there are other molecules that offer therapeutic support.


Many users, after reading news on the web often look for direct contact with the company concerned. Communication between the company and users is very important, and we at Enecta have created the appropriate communication channels with which to respond to any type of information, supporting the user in all its phases.
Want to know more about our CBG products? Send an email to or through our social channels, leaving a message on Facebook or Instagram. We will respond immediately offering the necessary assistance.

How much CBG is there in your product?

It is important to verify how much CBG there is in the product that you are going to buy. On the web there are many certifications drawn up by laboratories that testify the presence of CBG, but what makes the difference is how much CBG it actually contains. G500, the Premium Enecta CBG Oil, is available in the 10ml version containing 500mg of CBG.

The price

A point that we have often discussed - a high price is absolutely no guarantee of quality.
Our advice is that it should be considered as the last factor before making a purchase, because it is first necessary to verify the reliability of the company, how regularly it operates on the market, and how much CBG there is in the product.  Only at the end can we decide if that specific price is right or not!


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