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The very best CBD Crystals you can find on the market: product assessments!

Geschrieben von Enecta Editorial Staff am 18.12.2017

The very best CBD Crystals you can find on the market: product assessments!



The best CBD CrystaIs you can find on the market are those corresponding to quality and efficacy standards in relation to the requests of costumers-consumers, who can find a wide range of offers on the market nowadays, especially on the Web, while not always possessing the adequate instruments and knowledge to make a correct quality assessment.

Who appreciates CBD Crystals? Crystals are appreciated by a target audience trying to find a state of relaxation at the end of a hard day of work; others however use them also during the day by means of appropriate electronic cigarettes available on the market.   

Many consumers use Crystals for “therapeutic” purposes, to alleviate muscle or nerve pain, or find relief from anxiety states or general stress.

For more complex health issues, and after a consultation with the doctor, Crystals can reveal to be an important support for the individual.

High quality CBD Crystals come from accurately selected Hemp strains which produce high concentrations of CBD. As we already had the way to explain in relation to other Enecta products, like our CBD oil, there are Cannabis Sativa plants which produce more CBD than others and this depends on various factors, like genetics and the land on which they are cultivated.

On many Hemp plantations fertilizers or chemical additives are sporadically used, even though they can also determine good results, but premium quality CBD Crystals grow on lands which are totally free from pesticides. Enecta selects only the most suitable plants for extraction, respecting the natural growth cycle of the plant, without forcing or speeding up production.

Hemp grown according to its natural lifecycle, in contrast to other types of cultivations, is the best raw material you can find for the extraction of these molecules.

Another aspect of main importance is the laboratory producing the Crystals. From our point of view it’s essential that the customer possesses all necessary information to make a conscious choice, parting from the purity with which the Crystals are presented on the market.

Companies monitoring the entire production chain, have a higher-level product background in terms of experience, knowledge, professionality, being able to follow every single production phase.  

How can one assess reliability of a company? In the first place through the specific certifications necessary for production and distribution of the product, followed by all further information provided to the public which can help them in making a conscious choice.

Then by visiting the company web portal, to study the available information thoroughly and if not yet satisfied, by contacting the company.

Enecta has made an e-mail address available to its customers,, to which you can write for any further information needed, as well as through our social media channels, like Facebook and Instagram, where members of our Team are at your disposal to satisfy your requests and reply to any doubts you might have regarding the products.