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Top Quality CBD Oil: which criteria should be applied to make the right choice

Geschrieben von Raquel Bonifacia am 02.10.2017

Top Quality CBD Oil: which criteria should be applied to make the right choice


How does quality CBD oil come into being? What to do to recognize it?  Considering the countless products offered on the Web, the most simple reply would be “The best CBD Oil is the product that meets most with the needs of the consumer”. However there are characteristics and features rendering the product reliable and of quality, which the consumers should bear in mind  in order to recognize and choose a quality product. 


How to determine quality CBD oil? One concept we have already emphasized several times, is that the quality of CBD oil has its basis at plant level; some produce more CBD then others and this depends on various factors, like genetics or cultivation site.  
Quality Hemp Oil – Quality Hemp oil derives from accurately selected hemp strains, which produce high concentrations of CBD and grow in healthy soil; an inseparable combination to obtain a premium final result. Fertilizers or chemical additives are sporadically used on Hemp plantations; however in some cases, products defined in farming as “organic fertilizers” might be employed. Excellent Hemp oil originates from farmlands that are completely pesticide-free.

Enecta CBD oil – We from the Enecta team extract CBD and cannabinoids from Cannabis grown on organic and certified land. Hemp grown in an natural way, in contrast to other crops, is the best possible raw material for the extraction of these molecules. We avoid intensive exploitation of soil and always respect the natural plant cycle, without “pushing” anything.



CBD contents – How much CBD does the product you are looking for really contain? In Enecta’s 10% CBD Oil 1000 mg of CBD contents are guaranteed; we are not talking about 1000 mg of Hemp extract, but actually about 1000 mg of the active substance.

Medical Use – If you use CBD for therapeutic purposes and therefore need to purchase the product frequently and are having difficulties in doing so,  we invite you to contact us directly with an e-mail to or through our social networks and explain your situation.

The Enecta team will be at your disposal to listen to your story, understand your needs and, in case, supply you with what you require.

Thus, the best CBD oil is the product that from its very first stage of the production cycle, that of plant growth, is characterized by high quality standards: quality of the soil, the natural growth cycle, extraction methods and production processes, which are able to guarantee the consumer a certified quality product.