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Vaping CBD e-liquids for electronic cigarettes: which effects?

Geschrieben von Enecta Editorial Staff am 04.04.2019

Vaping CBD e-liquids for electronic cigarettes: which effects?
Which are the effects of vaping E-liquids containing CBD? This is a question we receive very frequently. This question entails a wide range of replies, considering the different requirements of each individual and the different products which can be used.

Which product to choose for vaping?

The first element to be taken into consideration is the product itself. The total absence of nicotine is a focal point of the Enecta products. With regard to e-liquids, Enecta proposes Ambrosia, an e-liquid without nicotine available in three different concentrations of cannabidiol: 50, 200 and 400 mgs.

Besides e-liquids for electronic cigarettes, there is another effective way to vaporise CBD, the use of crystals: the pure CBD molecule extracted through a strict process controlled in each of its phases. It is necessary to pay particular attention to the selection of the vaporiser, opting  for a device which can also contain liquid substances.

Why this is so, can be easily explained. CBD crystals, once reached the temperature of 160/180°C, take the consistency of an oil, Cannabidiol crystals, in fact, melt: exactly like sugar does when exposed to high temperatures.

The method of intake through vaporising crystals, is the one presenting the most immediate action, as, absorbed by the lungs, the active principle bypasses digestion and is assimilated instantaneously. Vaporising crystals is one of the most appropriate ways when one desires cannabidiol (CBD) to act in the shortest period of time, like in the case, for example, of muscular pain.

By using CBD crystals one can be certain to consume the pure active principle and will avoid whichever possible interaction produced by the other compounds of the hemp plants, like, for example, another cannabinoid or a terpene. The use of crystals is certainly more targeted. One of the advantages guaranteed by vaping CBD in the form of pure crystals  is the possibility to easily dose the exact quantity of active principle to be taken.

The Enecta CBD crystals always come with a dosing spoon, which has an indicator for measuring the quantity on its surface. In this manner, the CBD crystals can be dosed with precision, in order to be certain to know the exact quantity of the product used.

Enecta CBD crystals are available in boxes of 500 and 1000 mgs, are 99% pure and are produced in accordance with the highest quality standards, starting from the raw material: cannabis plants grown in Italy without pesticides.  

Which CBD concentration to choose?

The concentration of CBD in the e-liquid makes a difference and in this context the subjectivity of the consumer comes into play.

Which concentration to choose? The lowest one? The highest? Should we opt for the medium concentration?

The first element of selection is without a doubt the frequency with which one vapes during the day. The subjectivity must be considered, both in case one opts for an e-liquid and in case one prefers to use Enecta CBD crystals.

How many vapes?

Many assiduous vapers love to consume cannabidiol with a certain frequency during the day.  CBD hasn’t got any particular side effects, like reminded also in the document of the World Health Organization.

However it is always good to take into consideration how much an individual is used to take cannabidiol, as well as for which reason he consumes it. Remaining in the context of personal use, other individuals – contrary to the assiduous vapers – appreciate a higher concentration more, as they use the vaporiser in a specific moment. In case of CBD crystals, a quantity as small as a grain of rice is enough to obtain a good result, which means the obtainment of the effects the individual desires – mitigating an anxiety state, for example – and a noteworthy number of vapes over time.

Why vaping?

There are several categories of vapers. Some use the vaporiser for mere relaxation, while many other individuals choose to vaporise cannabidiol to fight the dependence from the common and harmful cigarettes.

Then there are also those who vaporise cannabidiol to benefit from its positive effects on human health. Acting as a regulator of the endocannabinoid system, CBD can help those suffering from migraine or from chronic pain caused by a past trauma.

In the same manner CBD can help to contrast anxiety states or reduce a condition of generalised stress.


One of the most typical suggestions given to those who start vaping CBD for the first time, is to opt for the lowest concentration and to adjust the quantity of the product, step by step, based on the effects noticed, on the specific requirements of the individual and on the desired objectives. And this last point is the most fundamental to consider.

Many people, in fact, do not vaporise CBD only to abandon once and for all the nasty habit of cigarette smoking. Some take cannabidiol for reasons having to do with personal health, both at the physical and the mental level. A state of severe stress, chronic pain caused by arthrosis, a recurring discomfort due to a past trauma: these are all conditions requiring an aimed and conscious use of a product containing cannabidiol, also in the case of those vaping it.