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Why use CBD oil?

Geschrieben von Enecta Editorial Staff am 14.01.2019

Why use CBD oil?


CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant through a controlled process, with which fibres, flowers and branches are removed in order to obtain a pure resin.

Once extracted the resin, it is diluted with natural products. Many people, desiring to consume CBD in one of the purest forms found on the market, choose the oily extracts of the hemp plant.

Who uses CBD?

CBD is used by a very large number of consumers, sportspeople, common people with disparate needs, up to those turning to cannabidiol for therapeutic requirements; CBD in fact entered the daily lives of people and supports the most varied needs of the consumers.

One of the now most common uses regards the treatment of chronic pain. There are many studies available which demonstrate the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD.

One of the first revisions of studies on the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD (published in 2009 by researchers of the Department of Medicine of the University of the Massachusetts Medical School) indicated not only the potentials of CBD extracts for the treatment of pain caused by inflammation, but also its effectiveness in mitigating symptoms of arthritis.

CBD oil against anxiety

CBD oil can be indicated to calm anxiety states. This specific active principle of the hemp plant, in fact, has the capability to activate the serotonin receptors in the brain,  which are the neurotransmitters controlling our mood, appetite and sleep.

Already many studies exist, carried our both on animals and on human beings, demonstrating the effectiveness of CBD in contrasting anxiety. 

A research study, in particular, deserving to be mentioned in a more detailed manner, examined a group of 60 individuals and what emerged was that CBD further confirmed its beneficial effect in mitigating anxiety but indicated also how each individual involved in the study, perceived the benefits only with a personalized dosage of CBD oil.

It is for this reason that each consumer should get orientated and choose a CBD oil with the concentration which is most suitable for his/her requirements.   

Which CBD oil to choose?

Each person is different and each person has different needs. For this reason CBD oils can be purchased with different concentrations, from the lowest to the highest.

Premium Hemp Extract 3%  was created with the desire to promote a first approach to CBD, is dedicated to all those who use the CBD concentrate with no specific therapeutic purposes.

Premium Hemp Extract 10%  is, on the other hand, used by those consumers intending to improve in a general manner their own wellbeing and maximise the nutritional values of hemp oil and the properties of the CBD concentrate.

Lastly, Premium Hemp Extract 24%  responds exactly to the requirements of many individuals using CBD concentrate in high dosages,  several times a day.