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Enecta, CBD Vapers: the questions consumers most frequently ask!

Geschrieben von Enecta Editorial Staff am 17.04.2018

Enecta, CBD Vapers: the questions consumers most frequently ask!




The Enecta  Team makes a daily effort to supply its own customers-users prompt and practical answers and information, to allow them to purchase products in a conscious way and obtain clear information on the world of CBD Vapers.

Today we will treat Vaping and e-liquids, answering to some of the questions that reach us most frequently. Obviously they are not exhaustive, but it is a first chapter, which will be followed by others! Enjoy Reading!
1 – Why do I have a sensation of “burning” when I Vape?

The reason could be in the coil, which is a spiral that contributes in the vaporization of our e-liquid. So if you notice a sensation of burning the reason could be that the coil is old and should be changed, that it hasn’t been placed correctly, for example after a substitution, or that the power you set is too high.

2 – Mouth to lung, Direct lung, what are we talking about?

These are two different ways, techniques of smoking/vaping. When we talk about mouth to lung we mean the way with which one smokes normal cigarettes.

The cheeks are contracted, the vapour is taken in by the mouth down to the lungs. The Direct lung method is characteristic to Vapers; the passage in the mouth is bypassed, while the vapour ends up directly into the lungs by expanding the chest.

3 – Is it necessary to use the temperature control?

Some electronic devices allow us to keep the temperature monitored, which can be very useful as with this information we do not risk to vape toxic substances, which would be released by too high a temperature. Using the temperature in an precise way, maximizes the yield of our e-liquid as well.
4 – Are you thinking of choosing an e-liquid with CBD; which one to choose?

It is very important to know the provenance of the product you intend to purchase, to know the origin of the CBD used for the product, to have a direct contact with the company to clear any possible doubts, to verify since when the company is present on the market and thus avoid purchasing a product of poor reliability.

Does the company follow the entire production process or doesn’t it?

Delivery times, reliability doesn’t only mean quick delivery but also how the product arrives at its destination.



5 – Which CBD concentration to select?

Enecta presents a Vape product without nicotine on the market in three different concentrations of CBD.

The different CBD concentrations are another element to consider when selecting a product, as the higher or lower presence of CBD represents a way to address the different needs of the consumers, being them “tireless” vapers or consumers using Ambrosia only for “therapeutic” purposes  or to relax at the end of a hard day’s work!


6 - CBD Vape helps to quit smoking?

Many individuals turn to Vaping as a means to try and quit smoking. The premise in answering this question  is that without determination, perseverance and willingness it is very difficult to reach our goal, however when combining these characteristics to a quality e-liquid  the probability to succeed increases considerably! To learn more Click Here.

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