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Enecta talking about Enecta "This is what our customers ask us"

Geschrieben von Enecta Editorial Staff am 06.03.2018

Enecta talking about Enecta



Today we’ve met Goffredo, with whom we’ll try and find out a bit more about the world of  Enecta  and thus about the world of  CBD. The first of a series of interviews which makes us discover how the Enecta brand operates and achieves market success, its relationship with customers; a story to be told and followed.

What do you do within Enecta and what is your role within the team?

In the Enecta Team I mainly deal with the commercial area and in particular with the Spanish market; part of my job is also to supervise production.

With which kind of customers do you interact in your daily work?

I don’t interface much with final customers, but mostly with retailers. In Spain I work a lot with Grow Shops and associations, like for example the so-called Social Club, besides those there are companies mainly in Italy and Europe, stocking themselves with CBD through Enecta.

From your point of view how do you see the CBD market and what kind of knowledge do people have on the argument?


Although it is still a niche product, we can say that  CBD is a rapidly rising product, both regarding sales and the information people have of it. It’s happening more and more to interact with consumers who know well what CBD is, while last year almost nobody even knew what CBD meant.




Which are the most frequently asked questions you receive?

The main questions regard the effects, if it could have effect on specific diseases, how to use it and how much to take of it on a daily basis.


How much information exists about CBD in Spain?

In Spain CBD is much more common than in Italy; my perception is that there is a major general knowledge, the Social Clubs, which do not exist in Italy, are the places where the major part of information on CBD circulates, even if with quite some confusion.


To those who never tried CBD, why do you recommend it? 

I recommend CBD also when a person does not present any health issues; it’s considered an excellent regulator of the body functions, regulates sleep, stress responses ad anxiety states and also, depending on each individual case, could be recommended for specific diseases, but our advice is to always consult a doctor.

We collaborate with many physicians in Italia as well as in Spain and in case of diseases, we supply access to these professionals in order to assess the situation on a case-by-case basis.


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