CBD could help you to recover the right balance

CBD oil: 5 things you should know!

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There are at least five things you should know about CBD oil. In this article we discover which they are, referring to studies on Cannabidiol conducted up to now.

Psychotropic effects 

CBD hasn’t got psychotropic effects, unlike THC. The scientific publication appeared in Frontiers in Psychiatry demonstrates how cannabidiol is effective in contrasting the negative effects of THC.

Erectile dysfunction

For men with problems related to erectile dysfunctions, CBD could reveal to be a precious ally. Often erectile dysfunction has psychological causes, like anxiety states and stress.

If you are experiencing a situation of generalized stress, which causes in you erectile dysfunction, CBD could help you to recover the right balance!

Studies demonstrate how cannabidiol can contrast anxiety states and severe stress, and specifically with reference to a publication appeared in 2011 in Pubmed, ten patients were analyzed, of whom the regional cerebral blood flow, at rest, was measured.

During the first session, the individuals were given one oral dose of CBD (400 mg) or a placebo.

During the second session, the same procedure was executed, using a drug which wasn’t used in the previous session. With respect to the placebo solution, CBD has been associated with significantly reduced subjective anxiety.

Sleep disorders

Cannabidiol, due to its capability to act on the muscular and the nervous systems, could help to sleep better.  

We refer to a preclinical study conducted in Great Britain at the Porton Down Science Park, from which the first hypotheses emerged on how CBD could affect sleep positively.

The study, which connected a bad sleep quality to generalized pain, underlined how cannabinoids are able to reduce pain and subsequently improve the quality of sleep.

CBD & Sport

CBD oil is becoming well-known also in Europa as a support for those practicing sports; at the end of a hard training session or after a competition, it represents a key factor in sustaining the recovery of the athlete

Hemp Oil offers, with respect to whichever other natural food, the highest supply of essential fatty acids (EFA). Our organism isn’t able to produce them and the only way to take them is through food.


CBD oil sustains the recovery of  athletes


In the therapeutic field, these fatty acids favour the restoration of metabolic parameters, like blood pressure , cholesterolaemia, triglyceridemia.

They contribute to the protection against atherosclerosis, thrombosis  and embolisms.

CBD on the other hand, is a Nootropic, what does this mean? It supports the cognitive function and hence the recovery in terms of attention and concentration. Consuming CBD every day, during a sports activity, could help in terms of lucidity and attention.


Psoriasis is a chronical inflammation of the skin, not contagious and not infectious.

Usually psoriasis manifests itself as areas with rash, characterized by red patches with silvery scales, caused by an abnormal thickening of the corneous layer of the skin.

The areas of the body which in general are mostly affected are elbows, knees, hands, tailbone, scalp and feet.

The causes can be linked to factors like genetics or can be environmental, can regard emotional and physical aspects, in certain cases also caused by the use of medical drugs.

A lifestyle characterized by smoking, alcohol, obesity, stress and an improper diet certainly favours psoriasis. Individuals with a high rate of Body Mass have a higher risk of developing it.

CBD oil can provide relief from psoriasis, a chronic inflammation of the skin

Amongst the testimonies gathered by Enecta on the topic, we have the one of Francesca V., which found relief with Premium Hemp Extract 10%. 

“I did quite some research and in particular on CBD and its benefits – Francesco tells us – and I decided to try it. Following the advice a friend of mine, I used Premium Hemp Extract 10%”

"The Oil has been able to alleviate the problem, contrary to the cortisone creams, which I got prescribed up to that moment”. 

“A problem creating anxiety for a long period, both physically and mentally – Francesca ends her story – and I cannot thank Enecta enough for having created this products which has allowed me to obtain this extraordinary result”.


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