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Running, partnership between Enecta and the San Martino Run

Geschrieben von Enecta Editorial Staff am 29.11.2018

Running, partnership between Enecta and the San Martino Run

In the wonderful scenario of Controguerra the XXII edition of the San Martino Run was held.

Runners from all over Italy, professionals and non-professionals challenged each other on a competition route of 15 kilometres characterized by ups and down which weren’t impossible but demanding.

A ‘unique’ event, bringing in a  village of hardly 2 500 inhabitants, about 4 thousand people, ready to participate in a day of sport and nature.

Event linked to the race is the walk of “Mangialonga Run”, 5-8 kilometres to be done on foot, along pathways, through countryside and vineyards with degustation of oenogastronomic products of the territory.

Also we of Enecta were present, often we underlined the inseparable combination of Sport and CBD developing communication and marketing projects, through collaborations with athletes from CrossFit, Spartan Race, or sports events like Free Fitness and Enecta Bike Tour.

In the United States Cannabidiol is a reality in the world of Sports. It is used by fighters of MMA who benefit from the anti-inflammatory properties, the famous Nate Diaz presented himself at a press conference vaping CBD.

Avery Collins, winner of five ultramarathons, in an interview with the Guardian told how he uses cannabis and its extracts.


From January 1, 2018 CBD isn’t doping anymore.

Decision supported by the world of science, confirming the beneficial effects of CBD, especially in case of injury and after sports activities with high physical impact.

Belonging to sports with a high level of stress for our bodies are ultramarathons, contact sports like wrestling, boxing or American Football.

CBD oil and sport

Hemp oil  supplies, with respect to whichever other natural food, the highest intake of essential fatty acids (EFA).

Our organism isn’t able to produce them and the only way to take them is therefore through our food. In the therapeutic field these fatty acids favour the recovery of metabolic parameters, like, for example, blood pressure, cholesterolemia, triglyceridemia.

They contribute to the protection from atherosclerosis, thrombosis and embolisms.

CBD is a nootropic, what does it mean?

It supports the cognitive function and hence the recovery in terms of attention and concentration. Consuming CBD daily during sports practice could help in terms of clarity and attention.

CBD and quality of sleep

Whether you are sportspeople or not, the quality of sleep is very important to have satisfactory sports performances or achieve professional goals.

CBD might just be the thing for you! Citing a preclinical study conducted in Great Britain at the Porton Down Science Park, hypothesis have been generated on how CBD could influence sleep.

The first element brought to light by the researchers regards how CBD can improve the quality of sleep, intended as a side effect of an already existing problem.

According to a study conducted at the National Taiwan University of Taipei CBD could influence the nocturnal cycle, impeding in this manner the suppression of REM sleep elicited by anxiety.